changko games

changko developed 8 games, played 66 times.

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  • mutate the labrat 2 game mutate the labrat 2 So you think creating a monster to rule the world is easy? Have a go at creating the most powerful monster the world has ever seen. Gain control from...
  • Alien Invasion 2 game Alien Invasion 2 Defend your base against the onslaught of alien invaders. Do whatever it takes to survive!
  • mutate the labrat game mutate the labrat mutate the labrat as much as you can without killing it!
  • killer pumpkin farm of death game killer pumpkin farm of death a simple puzzle game for halloween.
  • RABID game RABID The mining station has been infested by alien zombies and it is your mission to survive. Use your bare metal fists to pound the enemies into puddles o...
  • alien invasion game alien invasion defend your base from an endless onslaught of alien invaders. you can build buildings, units, and call for support!
  • alien exterminator game alien exterminator you have been sent to a remote planet to exterminate the local populace (the poor aliens). buy big guns, hire your henchman and go trigger happy.
  • RABID 2 game RABID 2 The second installment of the zombie bashing platformer game. Upgrade your robot and let the bloodbath begin!

Tags: farm 259, simulation 192, killer 112, robot 320, pumpkin 234, control 67, mutate 7, death 108, invasion 109, blood 202