nitroflashgames developed 9 games, played 17 times.

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  • Racer mania game Racer mania Race game in which you have to show how good a pilot you are on 6 different circuits.
  • Crazy road game Crazy road Drive your car through dangerous roads. Beware of vehicles!
  • Zombie Car Clash Madness game Zombie Car Clash Madness Zombies and robots have taken the city! You're the only survivor of this apocalyptic world. In your car, armed with a gun, you decide to eliminate the...
  • Iron man puzzle game Iron man puzzle A simple puzzle game with Iron Man
  • Pumpkin Palava game Pumpkin Palava A fun halloween chain reaction game. You shoot pumpkin seeds at enemies and see how many other enemies you can destroy. There are four different types...
  • Batman Dangerous towers game Batman Dangerous towers Help your favorite hero Batman climbing the five dangerous towers. Beware of the Joker who will try to make your mission fail.
  • Vandal Cannon game Vandal Cannon People are trying to escape via portals. Kill more people than escapers... Kill the people by using the cannon.
  • Merry Christmas Snowfight game Merry Christmas Snowfight Two Santa Claus have a snowfight
  • Tankerman game Tankerman Aboard your tank, you've fallen into an ambush. Fight for survival against other tanks that will try to demolish you. Collect the coins, upgrade your...

Tags: cannon 208, batman 36, road 145, coin 201, xmas 229, avoid 348, driver 102, racer 149, kill 268, survive 90