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Albgames developed 10 games, played 16 times.

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  • Jungle breakout game Jungle breakout Boris the Monkey has to work hard to pick up bananas. Don't you want to help him?Bounce the coconut on the piece of wood but be careful: don't let it...
  • Wild saloon game Wild saloon Shoot the bandits before they shoot you! But be careful: don't wound the beatiful girl.
  • Mac Donalds Farm game Mac Donalds Farm You've just crept into Mac Donald's farm to take a picture of the animals for your science school-project.
  • Mind training vegetables game Mind training vegetables Train your visual memory matching cards with the same kind of vegetables.
  • Gooo fishing game Gooo fishing What can you do alone in a little island?! Go fishing!! But mind the sharks!
  • Fifteen Puzzle Plane game Fifteen Puzzle Plane The most famous among classical puzzle games! Reorder the image od the Monkey's plane!
  • Forest Safari game Forest Safari Uno scorcio di foresta ci permette di ammirare splendidi esemplari, ma gli animali sono timidi: fai le foto prima che si nascondano! - A little forest...
  • Gioco del 15 game Gioco del 15 Riordina l'immagine!
  • Zarkon game Zarkon How good is your memory? Test it with Zarkon!
  • Mind training children game Mind training children Train your visual memory matching cards with the same image!!

Tags: farm 242, monkey 192, rome 20, italy 23, breakout 94, photo 178, fishing 106, saloon 17, roma 2, alb 6