hippolyth games

hippolyth developed 14 games, played 42 times.

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  • Tran-Up game Tran-Up A simple dress-up game! Click the clothes to put them on! ////////////////// Music by CRUY /////////////////
  • Matrix Snake game Matrix Snake Snake in the Matrix!
  • 3D Hero game 3D Hero 3D hero is an adventure game, try and beat the game as fast as possible! you got 3 lives!
  • Space Cursor game Space Cursor Fly around in spaceā€¦ shooting cubicals
  • Brick Basher game Brick Basher Bash the bricks! oldskool game
  • Platform Druggy game Platform Druggy You are a druggy in need of xtc get as many tablets as possible! you have infinitive lives and can submit your highscores at any time!
  • Toms wacky easter game Toms wacky easter Tom destroys the easter eggs before it gets toe the little kids! what a douche!
  • Cursor game Cursor Guide your cursor through the mazes!
  • bubblegum shooter game bubblegum shooter Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Shoot as many bubblegums as possible!!
  • Aero Adventure game Aero Adventure You have to defend the earth! Pick out the right enviorment And start shooting! you can switch ship ingame! you can use this function to have tacticle...
  • Love collector game Love collector Collect as many hearts as possible! by connecting lovers of the same kind! and then clicking em!
  • Bully Chain game Bully Chain You are a square and you're jealous of all the kids coz they're a square, so you KILL THEM! in a chain!
  • Cursor 3 game Cursor 3 You are in the park with your girlfriend, pinky. all of a sudden you wake up in a castle... the only thing you remember is a bang! you cant find pinky...
  • Cute Bear - Dressup Game Cute Bear - Dressup Game Dress Up Game I had to create for a school assignment. Isn't that one cute bear?

Tags: mega 51, cube 125, trap 68, male 11, woman 72, hero 274, cursor 30, bear 208, bully 4, stage 57