marsyong games

marsyong developed 7 games, played 39 times.

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  • Pool Building Block game Pool Building Block player can use [A]key and [D]key to remove the little guy at the guy can climb a block automatic when player move game's goal is collect coins as a mu...
  • Unknown game Unknown
  • Ancient Terminator game Ancient Terminator a classic shooter defense game and have some total have 9 kind enemys and 30 levels.
  • Huge Cannon game Huge Cannon cannon except be usesd to rumble enemies,and can be used to place landmine,make a fire wall stop enemy or throw out a soldire to pick up supply and bl...
  • bubble stream game bubble stream stop bubble stream to touch the red floor
  • Stack Crash game Stack Crash Like Classic Puzzle Bobble game,but based physics engine
  • Craze Tetris game Craze Tetris a tetris game is different with classic tetris.contorl your role exploit chunks to evade flooding. total 36 levels,every level have different chunk ty...

Tags: cannon 223, ancient 133, tetris 222, role 62, collection 319, pool 153, stack 43, building 101, crash 97, terminator 8