cyprog games

cyprog developed 6 games, played 46 times.

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  • TowerBuilder game TowerBuilder Use the falling bricks to build the highest building on earth! :) Currently the highest is BurjDubai (818 m) but I bet you can do it better!
  • Xmas Poker game Xmas Poker Introduced in the 1970's, video poker is an increasingly popular form of gambling. Played fast while involving a combination of skill and luck, video...
  • DuckHunt game DuckHunt Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings A remake of the classic Duck Hunter by Nintendo!
  • Tetris Climber game Tetris Climber The main aim of the game is to climb as far as you can. Extra points are earned by doing combos and also by collecting all the bonuses presented. Avoi...
  • Aigia Fuxia game Aigia Fuxia A Rhythm game from Cyprus! Enjoy!
  • Letters Hunter game Letters Hunter Type the falling letters as fast as you can!

Tags: pyramid 110, letters 181, tower 178, giza 3, rhythm 247, taipei 6, dog 341, wheel 120, hunter 210, building 223