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  • Last UFO Hero game Last UFO Hero As the pilot of the only space worthy craft in your space reef, you alone are responsible to bring your reef from agricultural productivity, toward in...
  • zleep game zleep Don't let the classroom become a sleeping lounge! Throw the chalk at your snoozing students, before the dulldrum becomes contagious and put you to sle...
  • Bandage Bunny game Bandage Bunny Poor Bandage is kidnapped and used as a bait at dog racing track. You must keep Bandage running smoothly on the track.. otherwise, the dogs will bite....
  • Laku game Laku clear the balls before they reach your line of defense.
  • Typing Jim game Typing Jim Type as fast as you can!
  • Kick Bu game Kick Bu "Bu" is a popular messenger emoticon in Asia. Bu's creator, Bei, has created this kick up game for those dull moments in your long work day.
  • Bomb Squad game Bomb Squad Type as fast as you can, before the fuse burns out!!

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