copenhagen games

copenhagen developed 15 games, played 84 times.

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  • Race in the Jungle game Race in the Jungle Race the jungle among lions, elephants, rhinos and many other animals, but do it fast cause time is ticking.
  • Gold Hunter game Gold Hunter Its a level based search game, where you have to search & click on the gold coins in the picture within the specified time.
  • Miami Street Race game Miami Street Race Race as fast as you can in the streets of Miami.
  • Madagascar Race game Madagascar Race Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Race among wild animals in Madagascar.
  • King of the Jungle game King of the Jungle Ever been wondering how it feels like being king of the jungle? Now you have the chance in this fun, exciting and addictive game.
  • NY Race game NY Race Race in the streets of New York
  • China game China Find the fastest way to run through China in this fun, exciting and addictive racing game, but be fast cause time is ticking
  • Nature Race game Nature Race Racing nature on time ain`t no picnic.
  • Anthill Race game Anthill Race Find and stay in the anthills fastest track to beat the record in this fun race.
  • Fish Eater game Fish Eater Eat the fishes as fast as you can and get on the highscore list, but watch out for the sharks.
  • Mole Race game Mole Race You are in mole territory trying to collect food. However stay in the fast track and avoid the moles if you wanna survive and beat the record.
  • Whack a Horse Race game Whack a Horse Race In this very fun horse racing game, you are fighting for glory and points! Whack horses and you will succeed. Miss them and you fail.
  • Race in London game Race in London Race in the streets of London, but be fast cause time is ticking.
  • Football Goalie game Football Goalie Show the world that you are the best goalkeeper on earth! Save as many shots on goal as you can before you run out of life.
  • Star City Race game Star City Race Race in space and fix the cities.

Tags: football 322, fish 453, jungle 179, drive 118, king 208, city 308, horse 143, rally 56, hunter 192, crowd 12