Naemi games

Naemi developed 8 games, played 22 times.

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  • Class Kiss game Class Kiss Chinese version.
  • IceCreamMania game IceCreamMania very cute game! Your task - to make ice cream rabbits!
  • MnB rain of bananas game MnB rain of bananas Rain of bananas. In this game you are a cuty monkey and you need to jump on bananas. Fun!
  • Park Kiss game Park Kiss Chinese version.
  • Playful Kittens game Playful Kittens Very fun game. Wait till big mama cat goes away or is not looking and lets kittens to play!
  • MOLE the first hunting game MOLE the first hunting Help the mole to collect all the vegtables, without standing on the same square twice!
  • PirateJack game PirateJack Description: A sticky, tentacled doom awaits if you can't keep these monsters at bay!
  • MonkeynBananas3 game MonkeynBananas3 When other monkey distracts the gorilla, your monkey need to get sweets from gorilla's bag.

Tags: kissing 332, hunting 231, ice cream 193, new year 210, bunny 186, happy 361, park 165, monkey 220, ice 396, first 165