mbuist games

mbuist developed 9 games, played 100 times.

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  • Quick Draw game Quick Draw Are you the quickest gunman in the west!.. Let's give that a try shall we. In this game you are the gunman and have to react really quick in order to...
  • Crack the safe game Crack the safe Can you crack the safe? Only a mastermind can do it!
  • Holey Moley game Holey Moley A Wac the mole game with powerups. Do we need to say more?
  • Space Manace game Space Manace Click on two items to swap them. Swaps must create a matching set of three-in-a-row horizontally or vertically. Those items will be removed and new pi...
  • Jack game Jack Old school platform game with Jack the koala. Help Jack get though all the 32 levels divided in 8 worlds. Can you get the best score ever!
  • Mazed-it game Mazed-it Compleet all 14 mazez. Watch out for the moving objects and the red wall as they will return you to the beginning of the level
  • Happy Fish game Happy Fish Very hard game to beat. only the best survive! Flappy fish Go Go!
  • Behalloweened game Behalloweened Scary Halloween bejuwled game. Don't let the FX Scare ya. See if you can beat the highscore!
  • Airpack game Airpack You are the last surviver of the mooncolony. Shoot the enemies, But wacht out they will speed up every second. Can You beat the highscore!

Tags: cowboy 74, objects 93, fish 468, candy 300, drawing 199, jack 116, good 115, koala 11, bone 36, mole 41