dark_phoenix games

dark_phoenix developed 4 games, played 95 times.

  • Mummy Busters game Mummy Busters Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings The mummies has returned from the dead. They rage and try to leave the pyramid. You as young and brave soldier must kill them before they go out.
  • Pipo Ledeng Battle game Pipo Ledeng Battle It was simple fighting game betwen player and computer. This game featured by health bar (player & com), stamina bar (player & com), and defend meter...
  • A Basket Of Love game A Basket Of Love A "Simple Game" easy & fun to play. It has a little "fun illustration" too.
  • Who is the last to disappear game Who is the last to disappear Simple to play, left click to chose the last red block to disappear. If you get it right you will go to the next level

Tags: pyramid 110, ancient 134, horror 168, clicking 402, square 159, egypt 89, last 116, soldier 166, blue 302, mummy 34