blackcrocus games

blackcrocus developed 5 games, played 41 times.

  • Mitosis game Mitosis Use the serums to grow up, or kill your bacterias. Use the right quantity of each breed to go next level.
  • US Border TD game US Border TD Defend your country from illegal immigration.
  • Easter Defence game Easter Defence Easter Island is sieged by chickens! You are the leader of the Bunny and you must defend your island. Place your bunny in strategic position, arm them...
  • Paratrooper game Paratrooper Destroy all the paratroopers
  • elite forces game elite forces Ennemy are coming! Aim at them and spill their blood in a magnificent particle system. Get some weapon upgrades, they are additive, that means you can...

Tags: tower defense 464, parachute 22, chicken 177, bunny 185, easter 142, weapon 213, island 188, td 160, force 86, blood 202