Rivertech games

Rivertech developed 6 games, played 94 times.

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  • Globez game Globez Draw a line to match globez of the same color and make points. The longer the chain, the higher the score multiplier. Only 60 seconds to go.
  • StackEmUp game StackEmUp Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Think physics is boring?! Think again, with this mindblowing game based on physics. Have fun clicking away boxes while learning basic physics!
  • Tetrablock game Tetrablock Played the awesome classic game called Tetris? Well, try out this simple tetris-like game and relive a classic game with a new touch!
  • Pooltrouble 2 game Pooltrouble 2 The sequel to the popular pool game "Pooltrouble" is here! New Graphics, minor tweaks to the physics. Hope you are ready to play some pool? Well then,...
  • Pooltrouble game Pooltrouble Ready to play some pool? Well then, what are you waiting for! Play Pooltrouble today! By Game-
  • Boxbuster game Boxbuster Destroy the boxes using your left mouse click. But you need to hurry up, if you take too long the game is over! Click on colliding crates with the sam...

Tags: match3 358, connect 186, box 221, tetris 222, english 217, pool 153, eight 16, same 36, nine 13, cue 7