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GamingHungama developed 23 games, played 276 times.

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  • Chor Police game Chor Police Rated 4.2/5 based on 5 user ratings Rewind to Bollywood of the 70s, and catch all goons in Inspector-Vijay style.
  • Sound Bound game Sound Bound It's a chance of a lifetime! Don the DJ's mantle, and make the world dance to your tunes.
  • Pizza Rizza game Pizza Rizza We heard you're a master pizza chef explains the queue of customers outside your pizza bar!
  • Everest Quest 2 game Everest Quest 2 Take the expert advice of Everest guides and climb your way to the top of the world.
  • Bollywood Police game Bollywood Police All the villains of Bollywood have come together, and hell has broken loose. Join Inspector Bulbul Pandey as he wipes out Bollywood villains from a vi...
  • Jumping Jack game Jumping Jack Win this 'Best Of Three' long jump championship to enter Bollympics.
  • Xio Wants Stars game Xio Wants Stars The latest planet in our solar system, Xio, has no stars in his sky! Help him borrow some from other planets.
  • Celebrity Parking game Celebrity Parking Help our drunk celebs park their car.
  • Book Cricket game Book Cricket Play Cricket right across the pages of your most boring textbook!
  • Cricket Fatka game Cricket Fatka Let’s your strength with the bat… a little differently. Slam the hammer and score runs!
  • Direct Hit game Direct Hit
  • Egg Brothers game Egg Brothers Help the Egg Brothers get back some colour in their lives!
  • Lift Kara De game Lift Kara De A Weight Lifting event on the beach.
  • Park the Fished Airlines game Park the Fished Airlines Park the aircrafts in the hangar the pilots have called a strike anyway!
  • Practice Cricket game Practice Cricket Practise your best shots in the nets for the next cricket world cup!
  • Penguin Plunge game Penguin Plunge The snow has begun to melt, and it s time for Penguin to go fishing. Help Penguin through the waters and land a good catch!
  • Mumbai Local game Mumbai Local Control railway traffic with a few clicks and save precious lives.
  • Escape The Tide game Escape The Tide Save yourself from the massive monsoon tide… but mind them things on the way!
  • Jab We Throw game Jab We Throw Bollywood Game
  • LoadShifter game LoadShifter Strength alone is not enough to move heavy loads you need some skill alongside!
  • Frobot game Frobot Frobot tests tuman intelligence! Use mouse to move the gun around the border. Keep left-click pressed to aim and release to shoot.
  • Bhag-m-Bhag game Bhag-m-Bhag Race with the best in Bollywood! Who're you defeating today?
  • Cricket WIcket game Cricket WIcket Keep your eye fixed on the ball and run-out the batsman… we have to win this!

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