piaodonghua games

piaodonghua developed 25 games, played 566 times.

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  • Ball Rolling 2 game Ball Rolling 2 Rated 2/5 based on 4 user ratings it's funny physics game,you can draw anything to Get the ball in the glass container.
  • panda flame thrower game panda flame thrower it's a water physics engine game,very fun and nice !
  • jelly drop game jelly drop it's funny game!
  • Taekwondo SHOW game Taekwondo SHOW It's a Taekwondo show game! The biger time ,The big Power
  • Chicken Shoot game Chicken Shoot Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Chicken Shoot. Can you score 50,000 to unlock Moon Shine Bar & Grill shoot? You'll have to to play to get it!
  • flower match 2 game flower match 2 Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings It's a puzzle game,very fun and cute!
  • match it game match it it's a funny puzzle game, make for every office lady.^^
  • Ball Rolling 3 game Ball Rolling 3 it's a physics fun game,you can draw any physics shapes on the game!you can use bomb,pen,rubber,eraser
  • jelly and frog game jelly and frog There is a frog living in the pond! He wants to see the world. You are the Jelly King. Help him see the world!
  • candy puzzle game candy puzzle it's a candy puzzle game ,very nice and fun!
  • bomb peng game bomb peng In this bomb game you have to make sure that you will let the enemy fall down of the platform. do this by planting bombs on the right spots.
  • hungry pig2 game hungry pig2 it's a physics and cute game!the pig is very hungry!
  • panda swing math game panda swing math Look at the Target number at the top of the screen on each level. Get all of the bamboo sticks containing problems whose answers equal the Target numb...
  • turtle break game turtle break
  • rubber car game rubber car It's nice and cute car physics game! very fun!
  • chicken-escape-games1 com chicken-escape-games1 com Main Goal:Try not to die on the game! 1. Please collecting targets for increase your score and level up. 2. when you die, you can upgrade yourself wit...
  • paint war game paint war it's a shooting game,very fun mouse click
  • bad boy puzzle game bad boy puzzle left mouse click rotate 90 degrees.
  • defense ghost-building game defense ghost-building you need defense the ghost attack,you can buy good weapon and employ more mans for your work!
  • DRAGON BALL game DRAGON BALL a strick must strick the all ice in limit time and avoid the enemy.
  • banban game banban It's a funny game!
  • bow show 2 game bow show 2 a bow show game! very interesting! have two language,english and china! have a good day!!
  • Fish-DodgeBall game Fish-DodgeBall use mouse control the fish and avoid the Marine mine!
  • Star Attack game Star Attack It's a physical shooting game! very special and fun! Feature 1. there are have 40 levels and with the level higher will more fun 2.there are 6 kinds o...
  • match it 2 game match it 2 it's a puzzle game! and good design ,fun game! I think you will like it!

Tags: panda 68, chicken 166, fire 430, bomb 354, special 95, english 217, rhythm 247, show 199, rolling 96, water 339