CogitareComputing games

CogitareComputing developed 11 games, played 157 times.

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  • Solitaire game Solitaire Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings This is the classic solitaire game that many of you already know how to play. The goal of the game is to move all the cards to the set of foundation c...
  • Boxed for Christmas game Boxed for Christmas How many baubles can you pack in 60 seconds?
  • Goishi Hiroi or suns game Goishi Hiroi or suns Goishi Hiroi or suns... Figure out how to collect all the happy suns!
  • Discharger game Discharger Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Discharger! Disintegrate particle!
  • Blox Blast 2 game Blox Blast 2 Blox blast 2! Fly your spaceship and destroy the blocks obstructing your path.
  • SnapnBounce game SnapnBounce Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Simply try and collect all the keys in this short game, it's not as easy as it looks. A small game to be played calmly aiming for as few mouseclicks,...
  • BloxBlast game BloxBlast Blow up the objects that are in the way of your tank and do it before you collide!
  • Mini danmaku game Mini danmaku Minimalistic shoot'em'up "bullet-hell" style. Shoot your way through 15 different levels!
  • Phase Warrior game Phase Warrior Phase Warrior Can you prevent your past from destroying your future? The aim of the game is to dodge missiles for a short period of time in the Arena....
  • Pumpkin Pang game Pumpkin Pang Pumpkin pang! A Halloween themed 3D game All the pumpkins have come alive! Use your magic powers to try and hold back the pumpkins for as long as poss...
  • Tunnel Tumbler 3D game Tunnel Tumbler 3D Tunnel Tumbler 3D is a tunnel racing game. Fly your hovership down the tunnel and try to stay on the track.

Tags: solitaire 453, tank 278, shooter 490, pumpkin 239, control 68, blast 149, bouncing 238, hell 99, unique 109, bullet 201