Lysis games

Lysis developed 6 games, played 58 times.

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  • Mathsspin game Mathsspin A game combining basic maths problems with gameplay elements. Suprisingly good fun and devastatingly effective at improving your mental maths ability....
  • Piu Piu game Piu Piu A collecting/avoiding game where sections of the screen have been flipped, rotated and rearranged to confuse you.
  • Turing Turns game Turing Turns An engrossing puzzle game: guide a ray from the origin to target by setting block colours to turn it in the right direction.
  • Silver Lining game Silver Lining Optimise your placement of clouds and wind to maximise your flower-watering potential. A game of strategy and skill.
  • Rocket Racers game Rocket Racers A top-down racing game, with rough-and-tumble dynamics.
  • Distortion Factor game Distortion Factor A collecter/avoider with a graphical twist

Tags: math 390, selena 23, rainbow 121, target 172, cloud 94, missile 111, calculation 13, silver 14, plasma 15, boom 44