Daggietainment games

Daggietainment developed 8 games, played 105 times.

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  • Killroom game Killroom Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings An alien army is invading earth. Your job as a weapons engineer is to build a killroom to protect yourself. This is a different approach of an endless...
  • To the surface game To the surface Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Help Kamiel the sea urchin to reach the surface of the sea. The fishies will be happy to help out. Music by
  • Sandcastle Showdown game Sandcastle Showdown Oh no noes! They wanne destroy your sandcastle. Better get some big guns and defend it!
  • Puzzlepunch game Puzzlepunch Puzzlepunch is a challenging puzzle game. You have to navigate blocks to their destination.
  • Toys diamonds game Toys diamonds Driving game. Use your toy car to steal diamonds. The first levels will be fast and easy, in later levels you'll have to be slower and more carefull....
  • Pumpkin slaughter game Pumpkin slaughter Slaughter pumpkins in this enjoyable survival shooter. Gather money to upgrade to more special pumpkins that aid you in achieving better scores.
  • Paintcars game Paintcars Your job is to paint every tile in the color marked on the tile. You can't paint a tile twice and the cars move simultaneously so think before making...
  • Daggietrail game Daggietrail Classic trailbike game. Pass obstacles by shifting your weight in the right way.

Tags: diamond 177, 2d 111, mind 281, sea 370, race 209, reaction 137, weapon 212, water 336, killing 56, td 159