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vj developed 6 games, played 17 times.

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  • Haunted Math game Haunted Math Practice math problems and create potions! 4th grade edition.
  • Exoptera game Exoptera Control a water mining bot on planet Mars. Break through the rocks to release water. Pass 20 levels to terraform Mars.
  • Hycle game Hycle The goal of the game is to find the Hamiltonian cycle (aka Hycle). Visit every vertex exactly once and end up where you started.
  • MemNum game MemNum Do you like "memory" games? This game will let you train memory and math at the same time! Instead of matching two cards you would need to find two or...
  • Arrowix game Arrowix Arrowix is an action-puzzle game where you defeat running shapes with your arrow pointing skills.
  • FillYourBucket game FillYourBucket There is stuff all over the place! Grab your bucket and fill it in!

Tags: math 358, box2d 203, numbers 268, shape 117, spring 228, arrow 169, haunted 44, doodle 33, pumpkin 227, bucket 16