amihanya games

amihanya developed 7 games, played 106 times.

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  • Match 8 - Hanukkah Game Match 8 - Hanukkah Game game is very easy to play, just drag one candle to another one up to the figure of 8. do it fast as you can before time ends & dont forget to use the...
  • the magic card game the magic card this is a magic game. select a card and the computer will guess it.
  • Rush Hour 3d game Rush Hour 3d Move the cubes with your mouse. Try to drag the red cube to the hole in the wall.
  • point to point game point to point DROW THE LINE, BUT KEEP THE ORDER OF THE NUMBERS.
  • GAMIC game GAMIC Play by the microphone, blew on it and control spacecraft …
  • loolim game loolim graet match game, attractive and original game, use the strategy and speed to succeed… good luke
  • save Israel game save Israel this is a political game that can help you to understand the Middle East conflict

Tags: math 373, poker 149, stage3d 187, drop 160, line 192, magic 443, ami 14, save 151, nice 155, rush 165