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  • Wheres Your Country game Wheres Your Country5 Find all the countries on the world map! Click and drag to move arond. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. 2016-07-01
  • Undersea Mahjong game Undersea Mahjong5 Six different layouts (easy, medium and hard) for this addictive Mahjong game! 2016-07-02
  • 5 GLASS BALLS game 5 GLASS BALLS1 Glass balls arranged in the same color horizontal, vertical and diagonal. 5 or more of the same color, can be removed 2016-07-03
  • Mordin the Necromancer game Mordin the Necromancer1 a new RPG different than others… You have to kill all the necromancer servers and kill the necromancer. :p 2016-07-04
  • Bubble Shooter 6 game Bubble Shooter 64.9 Bubble Shooter 6 is an action-based puzzler that puts players to the task of tossingcolored bubble up to a stack of other colored bubble. You need to... 2016-07-05
  • Hidden Objects A Home of Memories game Hidden Objects A Home of Memories Find the hidden objects of a special persons childhood. Search through cluttered living rooms and take a look up in the attic at the toys that have be... 2016-07-06
  • Rinmaru Anime avatar creator game Rinmaru Anime avatar creator4.3 Create your own anime avatar using a good amount of facial expression,costume,hair style and accessory options. 2016-07-07
  • Coffee Bubble game Coffee Bubble5 Relaxing and calm bubble shooter for your coffee break. 2016-07-08
  • Talking Angela Cooking Session game Talking Angela Cooking Session4.6 Do I sense a big pumpkin pie fan? Well, guess what: so is lovely little Talking Angela! Moreover, the adorable fur ball is also a pastry chef, too, an... 2016-07-09
  • Sarens game Sarens The enemy reached the Sarens valley. Defending the survivors, you will plunge into intense battles. Battling for one of the spirits of elements you wi... 2016-07-10
  • Lamborghini murcielago car coloring game Lamborghini murcielago car coloring3 2016-07-11
  • Pepee Apple Collector game Pepee Apple Collector4.3 -Firstly, You should take the gold apple, then can take other apple. -One contains the private keys of other apple. -Collect all the apple. 2016-07-12
  • Fantasy Solitaire game Fantasy Solitaire5 Exciting Solitaire game in a nice fantasy theme! Challenge your card skills in Fantasy-Solitaire, a TriPeaks or so called Tower Solitaire game. Your g... 2016-07-13
  • Ice Breakers game Ice Breakers5 The latest Match-3 puzzle game has it all, even penguins! Work with the cranky foreman to build Penguin City. The emperor is coming so you better make... 2016-07-14
  • Heavy Tow Truck game Heavy Tow Truck5 Drive the tow truck towing different vehicles from one place to another. Complete the tasks as fast as possible but avoid road accidents. 2016-07-15
  • Sokoban game Sokoban5 Sokoban Another retro game which is well known to everyone - "Sokoban". Goal of the game: move boxes in order to put each one to its place but keep in... 2016-07-16
  • Tower of Hanoi game Tower of Hanoi3 Is a classic puzzle where you have to move some disks placed on a tower in order to take them to another tower, following just two simple rules: No di... 2016-07-17
  • Slow Blow game Slow Blow1 ____________________ 2016-07-18
  • Hidden Glittering Stars game Hidden Glittering Stars5 Hidden Glittering Stars is a point and click type hidden star game from hiddenogames. It is a really good online find hidden objects game. You need to... 2016-07-19
  • Toss The Coin game Toss The Coin To prove who is the boss, All you gotta do is, toss. 2016-07-20
  • Algo game Algo1 Algo is a fast-paced logic puzzle. Players are given a sequence of four digits and a rule, such as "shuffle" or "reverse." They must apply the rule to... 2016-07-21
  • American Soldier game American Soldier5 American Soldier is a shooting 3D game where you will run in to a village infested with waves of enemies that you have to kill with your weapons. To k... 2016-07-22
  • unimagined shark killer game unimagined shark killer5 Kill all those dangerous sharks before attack your land. 2016-07-23
  • From Wannabe to Queen Bee game From Wannabe to Queen Bee This girl is so not cool but she really wants to be. You need to give her a makeover and dress her up in the hottest clothes. She just has to be the m... 2016-07-24
  • Bubble Crush game Bubble Crush4.6 Crush the bubbles of the same color by tapping one of them if they are in a block of 3 or more. Connectors are introduced randomly from top which will... 2016-07-25
  • Thug Life game Thug Life5 As you have lived your life as a street thug you have made many enemies from every sector and this time they have all teamed up to finally take you ou... 2016-07-26
  • Gamble Colours v2 game Gamble Colours v2 Gamble Colours is an colour gamble game. Every game you get 10 turns and 3 spins per turn. There are 10 bars that give you an colour and number. How m... 2016-07-27
  • Power Tank game Power Tank Use WASD to move your tank, and shoot with the mouse.  Dont let the enemies hit you, and pick up the credits when they are destroyed.  Use t... 2016-07-28
  • Astral Alliance game Astral Alliance Astral Alliance is a space themed real-time strategy game that pits you against a hostile enemy invasion. 2016-07-29
  • Nasty Pumpkins game Nasty Pumpkins Play Nasty Pumpkins - a Halloween puzzle game. Game's handling is very simple - just clicking your mouse you're getting rid of different pumpkins. 2016-07-30
  • A Super Hard Flags Of The World Quiz game A Super Hard Flags Of The World Quiz1 Match up a selection of world flags to their countries and prove your worldly knowledge in this great game from 2016-07-31

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