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  • Turbo Supra GTA game Turbo Supra GTA Ever wanted to own a Supra? Well, you own one now, but ALIENS are trying to shoot it to pieces! Protect your priceless Supra in this fast-paced action...
  • Cartoon Network Ben 10 SwampFire game Cartoon Network Ben 10 SwampFire Ben become swampfire to protect the humanitie
  • Cartoon Network Ben 10 ChromaStone game Cartoon Network Ben 10 ChromaStone Ben alien Force ! the ultimate battle is here !!!
  • Puzzle Fortress game Puzzle Fortress Puzzle Fortress is an action-puzzle/maze game. Murakan aliens have kidnapped an important senator of the Galactic Congress. You must infiltrate the ap...
  • Ben 10 New 8 Aliens game Ben 10 New 8 Aliens New 8 Aliens ! Ben 10 Games on
  • Predators quiz game Predators quiz Rated 3.7/5 based on 3 user ratings 10 incredible facts about the movie Predators. How well can you do in this fun quiz. Complete it and submit your highscore and compete against others...
  • Police Truck game Police Truck Drive this police truck from the police station to the laboratory at the other side of the town. Transport the captured aliens in the boxes in the bac...
  • Ben 10 Alien Hunter game Ben 10 Alien Hunter Help our hero Ben10 to catch alien. On your way to reach alien difficult stages will be waiting for you.

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  • Ben 10 ALIEN FORCE KEVIN LEVIN game Ben 10 ALIEN FORCE KEVIN LEVIN Kevin is figthing for the people of the world help him to save the maindkinde !
  • Little Furry Things 2 game Little Furry Things 2 The Little Furry Things are back! Release the Little Furry Things down one of eight tubes to match three in a row. Use bombs wisely to help.
  • The best of Ben 10 ultimate alien puzzle game The best of Ben 10 ultimate alien puzzle
  • 3D Tanks And Zombies game 3D Tanks And Zombies You are in a dark and lost planet and you must destroy all the zombies. Has a mochi score leaderboard. Made using Away3D.
  • Space Game Space Game The astronaut is trying to beat all of the aliens. Can you help him? Be careful not to run out of air!
  • Abuba the Alien game Abuba the Alien Abuba the Alien needs your help to get back home!
  • Alien Creator 2 game Alien Creator 2 This is the second game of the alien creator series, a dress up with a twist! Create your alien and watch him fight!
  • Doom Patrol game Doom Patrol Doom Patrol is a Top Down shooter inspired by Alien Shooter, with high-quality game-play, music and amazing 3D graphics.
  • INP Episode One game INP Episode One A new twist on a classic ship shooter.
  • Astro Monkey game Astro Monkey Monkey goes to outer space to kick aliens out of earth
  • ROSWELL INCIDENT game ROSWELL INCIDENT UFO Fleet VS Mac Brazel. A secret story of roswell incident.[Missile shooting game]
  • Baby Alien game Baby Alien Make the baby alien ready to go!
  • Alien Invasion 2 game Alien Invasion 2 Defend your base against the onslaught of alien invaders. Do whatever it takes to survive!
  • Feed Me Brains Human game Feed Me Brains Human Collect all the brains in each level shooting out the ragdoll aliens from your trusty cannon.
  • 2020 - the beginning game 2020 - the beginning Skill and strategy is the only way to win the war against the evil aliens. If you are looking for a mix between Master of Orion 2 and a space shooter...
  • 80s Space Invaders game 80s Space Invaders Step out into space to save the spaceship and gain some snazzy weapons with your shooting skill!
  • Lama Glama game Lama Glama Fight against hordes of genetically modified sheep coming from outer space. They killed your friends, you must stop them... c'mon llama, spit'em all...
  • 3D Dark Tanks game 3D Dark Tanks You are in a dark and lost planet and you must destroy the other tanks.
  • Paint Blood game Paint Blood Paint walls of an invisible maze with blood of your enemies to find an exit from the maze.
  • Ben 10 Alien Balls game Ben 10 Alien Balls Ben 10 has found a crypt where an evil machine is used to make Vilgax creatures eggs. Help him to get rid of them by gathering them together in threes...
  • Race to Mars game Race to Mars In this fun and addictive race to Mars, you need to avoid dangers while you find and stay in the fastest track throughout the race to succeed.
  • Alien Springer game Alien Springer Alien Springer is a german version of a popular online game Alien Jumper. Get higher, pass all game levels and submit your score! That's the main aim...
  • TomatoWars game TomatoWars TomatoWars is a funny shooter/defense game where your objective is to blow away all the tomatoes before they eat you!. 15 levels of explosive madness!...
  • Alien X Target Blasting game Alien X Target Blasting Aliens have crash landed and are now trying to escape. Shoot as many as you can
  • Masters of Mayhem game Masters of Mayhem Have you ever played a multiplayer game alone? Sounds stupid? Well, here it is. The world's first single player multi player game - Masters of Mayhem....
  • Green Terror game Green Terror Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings Shooter with realistic phisics and destruction effects.
  • Alien Crash Site game Alien Crash Site You control a little alien that crashes on earth. A mean plant eats your only power supply and gets away. You have to get it back or you'll never leav...
  • Asteroid Defense 3 game Asteroid Defense 3 You have to defend your asteroid from alien attacks... you are in the last defended base of the humans... Don't let the aliens pass your base!!!
  • SpaceSurvivors game SpaceSurvivors Did you ever dream of appear in the zero gravity? It is partly physic puzzle and partly action. The spaceship was crashed and now you are supposed to...
  • Alien Bounce game Alien Bounce Help this little guy get as far as possible in this all out mad flash game.
  • Special Ops Alien Encounter game Special Ops Alien Encounter You're a special forces commando. A killing machine. The news is everywhere. Aliens are invading earth. It's time to send them back from where they ca...
  • Alien Annihilatiion game Alien Annihilatiion Alien Annihilation is a space shooter game where you must blow up UFOs to save the planet. Follow them from earth to their home planet where you must...
  • Ice Aliens game Ice Aliens Help Spaceman Sam blast his way out of an icy hell! After crash landing on some weird azz ice planet these oddly adorable aliens are trying to kill yo...
  • Space Pirate Vs Alien Lobsters game Space Pirate Vs Alien Lobsters Those mangy Alien Lobsters have taken yer sword. Use your Space Pirate skills to blast those pesky critters of the spacey sea to another dimension....
  • UFOMania 2 Neon Galaxy game UFOMania 2 Neon Galaxy Abduct all humans! Save the race! In UFOMania you have to abduct all the humans from planets in danger to move them to more secure places.
  • Space Haste game Space Haste Destroy all the space boss'es on this thrilling space shooting action game.
  • History of invasion game History of invasion You control UFO. Make robots and destroy buildings. Kill peoples with help destructive ray.
  • Asteroid Disc Collector game Asteroid Disc Collector Your mission is to collect Alien artefact Energy discs, that are dispersed around a world,which is cluttered with dangerous asteroids.
  • Lion Lifter game Lion Lifter See how many times you can grab the lion in 60 seconds
  • GoldenSpace game GoldenSpace GOLDEN SPACE Catch golden piece in the asteroids Beware of enemy Arrow Key : Control Starfighter C : Boost X : Fire V : BomB
  • Aliens In A Box Deluxe game Aliens In A Box Deluxe How did he end up on earth? The world may never know.. But for now you have to help out our little green alien friend find his way back to his planet....
  • Dead Orbit game Dead Orbit Fight for survival against an onslaught of alien foes and debris within the void of space. For more games and applications, visit

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