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  • Baby Room Decor game Baby Room Decor Decorate the room for the baby-girl. Cute, fluffy and pink is a perfect combination for my baby sister.
  • At a Conference game At a Conference At a conference Ami looks like a real business lady. She's stylish and convincing. No surprise that she becomes a contest winner.
  • Match 8 - Hanukkah Game Match 8 - Hanukkah Game game is very easy to play, just drag one candle to another one up to the figure of 8. do it fast as you can before time ends & dont forget to use the...
  • Sporty and Pretty game Sporty and Pretty Rated 3/5 based on 2 user ratings Nia's finally come back from her granny. Sporty and pretty friends are together again!
  • Image Change for Ami game Image Change for Ami
  • Dream Boy game Dream Boy Emily seems to fall in love... Who's he? What form is he from? Why hasn't she seen him before?...
  • Inventive Ami game Inventive Ami Laboratory seems to be a second home for Ami. None of the extreme experiments or explosions can stop her. Ami and her true rat pet Alfred are so close...
  • Ami on Safari game Ami on Safari Ami has come to Botswana. A wild world of Africa welcomes her. Ami looks so cute in stylish and at the same time comfortable clothes with numerous acc...
  • Rush Hour 3d game Rush Hour 3d Move the cubes with your mouse. Try to drag the red cube to the hole in the wall.
  • GAMIC game GAMIC Play by the microphone, blew on it and control spacecraft …

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  • Love Letter game Love Letter Emily ventures to make a first step herself. For all night she's been making a cute love letter for a boy of her dream.
  • Our Small Friends game Our Small Friends Let's visit a real show for pets! Interesting, can girls' pets look as stylish as their owners.
  • Meet Emily game Meet Emily
  • Valentines Day Tale game Valentines Day Tale Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings
  • Extreme Fun game Extreme Fun
  • Welcome to Ski Resort game Welcome to Ski Resort Macie and Nia are conquering the mountain tops; Nia with her expertise of snowboarding and Macie with her charming looks and beautiful smile.
  • Cycle Accident game Cycle Accident Weird, but a cycle accident made Emily smile but not cry. This event is going to change everything cause she's finally got acquainted with a boy she w...
  • Chic and Stylish Macie game Chic and Stylish Macie Macie adores shopping. She's convinced that there simply can't be too many shoes, dresses and makeup!
  • Rock Band Fun game Rock Band Fun Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Rock band lead singer is back on track. Emily is introducing Kevin to her friends from the band. Emily looks amazing like always, which makes her boyf...
  • Inviting Thanksgiving game Inviting Thanksgiving In a friendly family a gala dinner is especially tasty. Ami prepares a turkey for the first time and it looks really delicious!
  • Saint Valentines Makeup game Saint Valentines Makeup Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Valentine’s Day makeup – the finishing touch to impress my love tonight.
  • Christmas Romance game Christmas Romance It's so nice to unpack Christmas gifts! You can always get a piece of Christmas warmth and love even from those who are far away.
  • Secret Admirer game Secret Admirer Sometimes love is so close to you that it is hard to notice it. Ami thinks that really cute guy that she sees on regular basis has fallen in love with...
  • Party Makeup game Party Makeup A charming make up is ready and Macie is almost ready for a cool party.
  • Christmas Tree game Christmas Tree Christmas is coming! Time to decorate a Christmas tree has come!
  • Manicure Party game Manicure Party Bright and unusual nail polish – all the girls just love it! Emily and Ami arranged an evening of manicure.
  • First Kiss game First Kiss
  • New Years Eve Party game New Years Eve Party Costume party at school - it's always fun and mysterious! Anyone can become a real superhero or a dreamlike beauty.
  • A Date on a Hill game A Date on a Hill You enjoy buying the delicious cupcakes especially when the money is donated to feed the homeless puppies and kittens.
  • A Pet for Nia game A Pet for Nia Nia has always dreamed about a true pet. A parrot called Aro who first looked unattractive in a zoo shop has become so cute thanks to Nia's love and c...
  • Dreamlike Love game Dreamlike Love In this dream everything looks so magical and feels like the love will last forever. Emily will turn into a fairy and feel compelled to change her des...

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