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  • Free the bird game Free the bird Point and click to free the bird!
  • Charlie Chicks Adventure game Charlie Chicks Adventure Charlie is struggling to get home, help him get to the chicken coop whilst avoiding all the nasty farm yard hazards. It's not as easy as it looks!
  • Pet Monster Creator 3-Birds game Pet Monster Creator 3-Birds Create your own pet monster with your creativity. And print it out for collection or make a card battle !
  • Jungle Animals Hidden Objects game Jungle Animals Hidden Objects Try to find all the hidden animals in this wild jungle using the microscope.
  • Shoot or Shit - TAOFEWA Chibi Archery game Shoot or Shit - TAOFEWA Chibi Archery Shoot bird before they shit on you! Use the arrow keys to aim and select your shooting speed, and fire your arrow against the birds with Space. Avoid...
  • Angry Birds Elimination game Angry Birds Elimination Remove blocks when more than two same blocks are together and bomb can help you eliminate the single block.
  • Pump Two Balloons game Pump Two Balloons Pumpkin is in the air once again, but he only has two balloons this time, he has to manage himself and stay up by jumping on either of them.
  • Hidden Alphabet Birds game Hidden Alphabet Birds Find the Hidden alphabets in the Birds picture. This game is an another type of point and click game by , get through the levels and excel. Wrong clic...

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  • The Legend of Phoenix game The Legend of Phoenix An easy to play score/coin collector game, The game environment has the myth of Phoenix Goal: You will have to eat certain number of target food in or...
  • Goalscoring Hero game Goalscoring Hero Can you score from any situation and become a hero for your favourite team? Prove it on the football field.
  • Acoustic Memory game Acoustic Memory A new modern version of the classic match-me. Match sounds instead of pictures.
  • easter memory game easter memory Rated 3.7/5 based on 3 user ratings An Easter themed memory matching game. fun for the whole family, kid safe!
  • Duck Feeder game Duck Feeder Help grandma feed the ducks in this challenging little action/sports game. Go through 9 levels, feeding all the little duckies with as few throws as p...
  • Fruit Picking Bird game Fruit Picking Bird Play some very interesting games to get some points for a dress-up shopping spree.
  • Birds on a wire game Birds on a wire Make them noisy birds go away in this fun match-three shooter.
  • Spring Winds game Spring Winds Spring winds shook the nests and baby birds are falling! Help by catching them before they fall.
  • Ski Jump-1 game Ski Jump-1 Press the mouse and draw a line using pencil tool from the white dot at left - top to the right of the screen. After drawing the line click the play b...
  • Cat vs Zombie game Cat vs Zombie Imagine that you were alone at night in the cemetery. Vylazit corpses from their graves, they are attracted to you. And you, obviously, from these dod...
  • Blue Bird Sky Destroyer game Blue Bird Sky Destroyer Find and destroy enemy's command center - big red helicopter.
  • Angry Birds Pigs Out game Angry Birds Pigs Out Angry birds are still mad at green pigs who stole their eggs, so they decide to make a final victory in the air this time!
  • Style Up Susan game Style Up Susan Style Up Susan on her way to work. Don't forget to color the sweet little bird in her hand too.
  • Hidden Emeralds Birds game Hidden Emeralds Birds Find 50 hidden emeralds in 10 pictures, do it in less than 300 seconds, each picture contains 5 hidden emeralds. Score best time, Good Luck!
  • Kids coloring The delicacy for hippo game Kids coloring The delicacy for hippo Kid's coloring: The delicacy for hippo. Little hippo loves to eat apples. Birds bring him his favorite treat.
  • Bird Pax game Bird Pax Know your bird packs and join them together to raise your elevation and rule the skies.
  • Tornado Rush game Tornado Rush Try to run away from the tornado. Slide over the hills and collect eggs. Discover new worlds and complete the tasks.
  • Pump Tire Jump game Pump Tire Jump Pumpkin enjoys allot jumping on tires. What he does not enjoy is falling down or hitting a bird while he is jumping.
  • easter memory 2 game easter memory 2 An Easter themed memory matching game. fun for the whole family, kid safe!
  • Doodle Draw game Doodle Draw Draw great and fantastic shapes in doodle style! Everybody can draw and you can draw too. The faster you will draw, the highest score you will get. Go...
  • TurkeyShoot Game TurkeyShoot Game Shoot as many turkeys as you can
  • save the birds 2 game save the birds 2 Finally, the game save the birds 2 is here for you. Can you shoot foods to these hungry birds to save them?
  • Birdo game Birdo In birdo the player has to control the bird and collect all breads while he/she has to avoid everything else.
  • PingaLee and Friends Orchestra game PingaLee and Friends Orchestra In this detailed coloring game PingaLee and friends are practicing for their big performance. Make the scene even more exciting by coloring the friend...
  • Worderfall game Worderfall How many high scoring words can you create in three minutes in this ocean themed word game?
  • Type and Pop Balloons Skill Game Type and Pop Balloons Skill Game Type the word that comes across the screen to pop the balloons. Get a high score and move to the next level.
  • Get The Clue game Get The Clue Get the clues to play the game. What you can do: -Press LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the player. -Press UP arrow key to make the player jump. -Mo...
  • Slingshot Master game Slingshot Master This is a pure shooter game. Your weapon is a wooden slingshoot, and your objective is to win as much points as you can hitting on flying birds, stree...
  • Ballistic Balloon Bird Hunt game Ballistic Balloon Bird Hunt A hunter flies with his balloon up on the air and tries to keep his balloon safe from birds that keep falling on it carelessly. Try to live as long as...
  • Bird Hunter vs Pokemon game Bird Hunter vs Pokemon Try to take out as many Pokemon as you can before you die
  • Birdy With Nest game Birdy With Nest Eggs from the bird's nest are falling, the bird has to take the nest and collect the falling eggs.
  • Save The Pigeons game Save The Pigeons Press the mouse to fire the bullets. If the bullets hit the enemy you score a point. If the enemy hits a pigeon the enemy gets one point. If the enemy...
  • Owl Spin game Owl Spin In a land far away, Turny Owl’s nests have been stolen by the wicked Bat King! Guide Turny through Castle Dred to get them back. Avoid the bats and co...
  • Smart Birds game Smart Birds It is wonderfull puzzle game. Help birds to unlock nesting boxes with magic lanterns. Place birds on screen so all the locks are highlighted with lant...
  • Wonderla game Wonderla Help RAM into action and rescue the lost jungle animals. Be careful not to run into birds. Watch out for that tree!
  • FeatherGang-In Concert game FeatherGang-In Concert Our singing gang is here! Listen the concert members carefully while they tweet and by memorizing the right order try to repeat the song sequence!
  • Canaries in a coalmine - Name that tune game Canaries in a coalmine - Name that tune We've received a mysterious message. We don't know what to make of it, but there's something there we can't simply ignore. We need your help identifyi...
  • Kiwis Quest game Kiwis Quest Help a brave kiwi on his quest through the zoo. A really short and happy adventure game with a satisfying ending.
  • Robot Bimmy game Robot Bimmy Help Bimmy break the world record for the highest any robot has ever climbed up a series of magical beanstalks.
  • Save the Bird game Save the Bird Don't let the bird fall from a high and avoid bees and apples.
  • Aves Master game Aves Master Last as long as possible by avoiding obstacles. Collect stars with your pet bird to buy upgrades to help you further.
  • Airsweeper Sixty game Airsweeper Sixty Use your helicopter to hit as many bird as you can in sixty seconds.

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