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  • Brilliant Blocks 2 game Brilliant Blocks 2 Don't let the blocks reach the top in this brain busting, block smashing sequel to Brilliant Blocks.
  • Block Stacker game Block Stacker Drop blocks in place to build a stack as high as you can. You only get 3 misses before it's game over. Try to get the high score!
  • Fyoozd game Fyoozd Destroy as many lines of 2 or 3 electrical generators on the grid as you can in one minute. Get 3 of the same colour in a row to score the most and wa...
  • Speed Collapse game Speed Collapse classic collapse game with speed
  • Fantasy Gems game Fantasy Gems Swap gems to match three or more in row or in column. When matched, the gems will disappear and you will receive some points. The stack of gems grows...
  • Pengo Fandango game Pengo Fandango Push the blocks, kill the bad guys. Enjoy!
  • HDOS Databank request 01 game HDOS Databank request 01 Welcome to the HDOS Databank Mainframe. The file "Secret Government Projects 1954 - " is protected. Please unlock all security layers to gain access....
  • Simple Blocks game Simple Blocks Destroy similar colored blocks by clicking on them. To pass to the next level you must destroy all blocks.

Most played block games

  • Pingu Sports game Pingu Sports This game is based on the classic Breakout game except with acrobatic penguins thrown in. The object is to smack the pingu in air and break all the bl...
  • 3D Construction Car game 3D Construction Car 3D Physical game where you must escape a world made of metal panels using a small car.
  • Knightfall game Knightfall Through 5 scenarios, the Knight seeks his stolen love, imprisoned by the Devil himself. Showcasing a new spin (literally) on the puzzle RPG genre, you...
  • Awesome Tile Matching game Awesome Tile Matching Select a couple of light tiles to remove them. you match tiles in pairs to eliminate them from the board. Clear the board of all tiles before the time...
  • Take It Down XP game Take It Down XP Destroy the blocks to safely demolish the building in the latest Extra Level Pack.
  • Steamlands game Steamlands Destroy tanks and rebuild your own tank in this action packed RTS from pixel wizards Nitrome!
  • BamBlox game BamBlox A fun game of breaking glass blocks to get a stack of blocks to fall.
  • Wordex game Wordex Compose horizontal or vertical proposed word before the grid is full. Select letter to exchange. You can make a rectangle selection. Make the best sco...
  • Island Survival game Island Survival You're trapped on a vanishing island and survival is the only way out!
  • Pirateblocks game Pirateblocks Try to catch all the pirateblocks!
  • Collapse 800 Blocks 2 game Collapse 800 Blocks 2 Click on the 800 blocks displayed on the screen to clear the field. You can only click on blocks that are connected to other same color blocks. If you...
  • Pentrix game Pentrix A challenging tetris-like game, with blocks of 5 pieces and an unusual collapse mechanic. Try to chain together combinations of lines for bonus points...
  • Block N Roll game Block N Roll Roll the block in this interesting 3d puzzle game! Is a fun Puzzles game.
  • Insane Collapse game Insane Collapse Explode matching blocks before they get to the top.
  • More Blocks with Letters On game More Blocks with Letters On More Puzzles. More Blocks. More Letters. More FUN!
  • S2F game S2F Start 2 Finish by moving your mouse over the blocks to the green finish block. Go though 25 unique levels in this quick fun fast game.
  • 3D BigFoot Challenge game 3D BigFoot Challenge 3D Physical game where you must escape a world made of simple blocks using a bigfoot truck.
  • Spinmania game Spinmania The aim of Spinmania is to fix the faulty plumbing! Fill the pipes by connecting them to colored caps, then remove them by blocking off all the ends....
  • GoMad The escape game GoMad The escape Slide blocks around until you can get the X Cubes off the tiles. Sounds easy. Easy like Sunday Morning!
  • Ninja Sequence game Ninja Sequence Ninja Sequence is the 2D Puzzle Platformer where you have to predefine the direction in which the ninja will move in order to avoid obstacles, collect...
  • Yin Finds Yang game Yin Finds Yang Remove blocks and use physics to solve puzzles to bring yin and yang together.
  • Castle Escape game Castle Escape Five great zones to test your skills at. You need to use get all the blocks to there corresponding exit points, sounds easy.
  • Prism - Light The Way game Prism - Light The Way Help the Bulboids illuminate the Glowbos in Prism - Light The Way a beautifully presented light-based puzzle game.
  • Multiplayer - Dots game Multiplayer - Dots Multiplayer Dots is a game of fun. Take turns, joining dots to form blocks and win.
  • Multiplayer Tangrams game Multiplayer Tangrams Make useless polygon creations with people you don't know!
  • Yellow Blocks Escape game Yellow Blocks Escape Escape Game by , find al the Yellow Blocks and Escape the Room!
  • WordTris game WordTris Get into the action of creating words with falling letters in WORDTRIS. Letters drop from the top of the screen, and you must form words horizontally...
  • Block Master game Block Master Funny puzzle game. Move blocks, group by 3 in line.
  • Celenite game Celenite Create massive combinations by placing blocks of the same color together while strategically placing bombs as the sweep destroys them and more blocks...
  • Color Ambush game Color Ambush A fun game, match the coloured blocks. Stop the blocks from reaching the top. Matching 3 or more blocks and you can blast them away! The higher level...
  • Ringoid game Ringoid Funny Arkanoid-like break-out game in which you move the paddle along the outside of a circle using mouse, grab extras and try to keep the ball inside...
  • Fire Water Ice Tritris game Fire Water Ice Tritris Destroy blocks by forming complete rows with the blocks.
  • Flat Pack Frankie game Flat Pack Frankie Tetris with body parts!
  • KARO game KARO Find minimum 3 connect in a minimum time
  • Twin Warriors game Twin Warriors classic memory blocks game , a little twisted
  • Shatter game Shatter Shatter is a falling-blocks style puzzle game with RPG elements - you can earn abilities that help you clear more blocks and do other neat things.
  • Blockpolis game Blockpolis Try to place & destroy the blocks as long as possible in this twisted Tetris game!
  • Sudoku Tetris game Sudoku Tetris Combination of Tetris and Sudoku. Solve the sudoku while the numbers are falling down.
  • Christmas Day game Christmas Day Click and drag a row of items, forming groups of three or more stones. Collecting 100 items will take you to the next level. You will get bonus At the...
  • Blosics 2 Level Pack game Blosics 2 Level Pack Addition to the coolest game on the Internet - Blosics 2! - 30 NEW LEVELS !!! created by players, picked by the game creator - new unlockable item - L...
  • ColorSmash game ColorSmash A colorful, fast paced puzzle game! You will need a quick eye and even quicker reactions!
  • Synth Blox game Synth Blox Music & Style - this is Synth Blox.

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