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  • 3D Target Shooting game 3D Target Shooting5 WEBCAM NEEDED! In this game you use your body to look around the 3d room. Targets will be displayed randomly around a 3d room. Some targets will be be...
  • desktop mini golf game desktop mini golf 18 holes of mini golf on your desktop.
  • Desktop Pool game Desktop Pool Rack up a basic game of billiards.
  • Desktop Invaders game Desktop Invaders
  • Oh My Desktop game Oh My Desktop To many ants to my desktop, can you clean it!?
  • Desktop Attack game Desktop Attack After pulling an all nighter, you begin to hallucinate, Paper airplanes start to attack you, Defend yourself!
  • Oh My Desktop game Oh My Desktop Many any on your desktop, clean it.
  • Go To And Match game Go To And Match This is a connecting cum match 3 game where you can connect identical connected gems (Horizontally, vertically or diagonally) . Just click the gem to...
  • Desktop mini golf game Desktop mini golf 18 holes of mini golf right on your desktop. Putt over and around obstacles on your desktop and compete against players around the world.
  • Desktop Racing 2 game Desktop Racing 2 The amazing racing game is back! Race on your office desk, as you upgrade your car abilities and much more.
  • Flicking Crazy Golf game Flicking Crazy Golf Flicking Crazy Golf is a mini golf game where you must use your on-screen finger to flick the ball (a scrunched up piece of foil) around an imaginativ...
  • Desktop Puzzle game Desktop Puzzle Casual Physics Puzzle. Features: - real Physics - casual gameplay - funny characters - beautiful graphics - 25 levels - And many others ...  
  • Desktop Adventure game Desktop Adventure Your desktop is now your playing field! Jump from window to window, avoid anti-virus software, and more!rnrnrn Left/Right Arrows- move Up/Down Arrows-...

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  • Plunk Pool 2 game Plunk Pool 2 The sequel to Plunk Pool, featuring 35 new Levels!
  • Medieval Mini-Putt game Medieval Mini-Putt This is just a fun little mini-putt game. Simply use the mouse to aim and left click to hit the ball! Save the princess from the dark knight! Have fun...
  • Mini Golf game Mini Golf Play mini golf on 17 different fields. Put the ball in the hole in possible small amount of hits.
  • Mini Golf Arcade game Mini Golf Arcade Play 18 holes of mini golf and try and get the lowest score as possible. Watch out for the water, obstacles, and many other challenging features in th...
  • Office mini-golf game Office mini-golf
  • Mini Golf game Mini Golf
  • Mini Golf game Mini Golf Mini Golf is a new game by Flash Games. Aim, Shoot and set the force with your mouse. Can you get a hole in one.
  • Slurmball mini game Slurmball mini game Original hardcore game. Based on Slurm.
  • Eagle Minigolf game Eagle Minigolf Funny minigolf game with spectacular 3D graphics and an arcade feel with 18 different holes. Game Trailer:    
  • Hamster Mini Golf game Hamster Mini Golf Get ready to play a challenging round of Hamster Mini Golf. Play mini golf with hamsters! Challenge a friend with two player mode! Choose the course y...
  • ChipShot game ChipShot Try to sink your best chipshots across 9 levels of play. The lower your hits, the better your chance of getting on the leaderboard!
  • DinoKids - Long Jump game DinoKids - Long Jump DinoKids - Long Jump is simple and fun mini game. With a cute dinosaur character you can make a long jump and compete the distance.
  • Dora's Mini-Golf game Dora's Mini-Golf
  • Mini Golf II game Mini Golf II 9 hole Golf game against the computer.
  • Perfect Putt game Perfect Putt Play mini-putt with realistic physics.
  • Golf game Golf
  • X Golf game X Golf
  • Pimp My Viper game Pimp My Viper Best of best viper on th way for new look. Better side walls , colorized glass and stylish wheels will attract your friends.
  • Pirate Golf Adventure game Pirate Golf Adventure5 Pirate Golf Adventure is a story-driven 2D sidescrolling golf pirate adventure skill game. Pass the golf ball through eight unique and lovingly course...
  • Pitch n put golf game Pitch n put golf
  • Widmer Golf game Widmer Golf

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