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  • All Hands On Deck game All Hands On Deck The captain is coming aboard for a final inspection before we set sails. The ship must be in perfect condition!
  • Trip to Santorini game Trip to Santorini Welcome to the most popular island in Greece. Enjoy a relaxing day at this wonderful place and try to find something interesting!
  • Messy Atelier game Messy Atelier The old painter has finally gathered all the inspiration needed, but he can't work in a messy atelier. You must help him!
  • My Summer Garden game My Summer Garden Summer is here and we need to get our garden ready. But first, I need to find all my tools.
  • Life of a Crime Boss game Life of a Crime Boss Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Someone informed me informed me that the cops have a lead on the boss. Go to this address and remove any evidence.
  • Dragon Hunters game Dragon Hunters Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings The dragons from raiding our lands again. Go out there and retrieve those jewels.
  • Cooking Contest game Cooking Contest Rated 3/5 based on 2 user ratings That big cooking contest is today? I forgot my things, including my secret cookbook.
  • Antique Collector 2 game Antique Collector 2 Our castle is opening the gates for the antique shoppers. Use your skills to find something valuable.
  • The Kings Inquisitor game The Kings Inquisitor One of the king's guards is a traitor. He has been practicing witchcraft. You need to go there and find some evidence.
  • New Wonders of the Sea game New Wonders of the Sea Try to unlock some new secrets of the ocean. Search the life on a coral reef...
  • Celebrity Party game Celebrity Party Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings Last night we had one of our hotel guests in their apartment, and they had a party there. Clean up before the next guests
  • Time to go Home game Time to go Home Our nice summer vacation is over, and we need to pack our bags and head home. Can you help us?
  • New Sushi Bar game New Sushi Bar I bought that old Japanese restaurant. Help me clean it up...
  • Old Planetarium game Old Planetarium We want to reopen the old planetarium. There is a lot of junk and we need help cleaning the place up.
  • Saloon Robbery game Saloon Robbery Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Saloon was robbed and we need to find out where these robbers are heading next.
  • Afterparty Mess game Afterparty Mess That was some party last night, huh? But there is another one tonight, so we have to get this club in order.
  • The Moving Musician game The Moving Musician After many years of living in this apartment, I decided it's time to move. But first, I need to pack all these things!
  • Kids Playground Difference game Kids Playground Difference Spot the Difference - Kids Playground. Locate the differences between the two pictures in the limited amount of time given to play each level! To play...
  • House Under Construction game House Under Construction Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Construction work in progress! You hired some workers to do your house, but forgot to get your stuff first. Find it all in this mess!
  • Banishment of Magic game Banishment of Magic Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings The King outlawed magic in the kingdom. His guards are on their way to arrest us. Quickly now, we must hurry!rn
  • Corrupted game Corrupted Detective, we have a search warrant. Maybe will be enough to help put this high profile criminal behind bars.
  • Family Heirlooms game Family Heirlooms The fire masters attacked my home. They must be looking for the jade dragon. I must save my family heritage.
  • Hotel Guest game Hotel Guest An important guest arrived at the hotel, and he demands to get his usual room. Go there and get it ready for him!
  • Neighborhood Burglar game Neighborhood Burglar Everybody likes your new neighbor. But... burglaries have been happening all around.
  • Animals Boards game Animals Boards It is a time bound game where one need to find 1 difference between two identical looking boards. After each finding both board will get refreshed to...
  • Boss is Angry game Boss is Angry The office looks like some junkyard. If you want to keep your jobs, you better clean it up before I get to work tomorrow!
  • Stop the Outbreak game Stop the Outbreak Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Some strange illness started spreading downtown. We need to pull you from your vacation right away. Don't forget your medical supplies!
  • Running from the Mob game Running from the Mob Someone broke into your house. Remove any evidence that you were ever there, and get out of town.
  • Erathon Hotel Reopening game Erathon Hotel Reopening You are invited to the reopening! But first, we need you to help us fixing it up and getting rid of the junk.
  • Suspicious Gas Leak game Suspicious Gas Leak A gas leak killed a high ranking diplomat. Your job is to go there and find some evidence.
  • Ready For Summer game Ready For Summer Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings The guests are leaving and we have to get it ready for the new ones. Help us get this place nice and clean.
  • Ready to Work game Ready to Work The workers will begin working on our apartment and it's going to look great. Put the valuables away before they begin.
  • The Old Professor game The Old Professor I discovered the formula for free, clean energy. But I forgot where I hid it. Come over and help me look!
  • Witches Gathering game Witches Gathering The witch gathering is about to begin and I can't find my magical trinkets. I can't be seen without them!
  • Operation Nighthawk game Operation Nighthawk We have a suspect! You need to move to the suspect's house and search the premises for any evidence linking him to the attacks.
  • Elvenwood 2 game Elvenwood 2 Take a walk through this strange forest. The elves and some other magical creatures are waiting for you!
  • Leaving in a Rush game Leaving in a Rush Someone called in a hidden danger in the hotel. You must help me pack our things quickly. Hurry!
  • Cop VS Cop game Cop VS Cop A lady was found dead and our main suspect is some policemen. Go there and gather evidence that places him at the scene.
  • Dusting for Prints game Dusting for Prints We have a report of a burglary. The house was broken into while the owners were on holidays. Dust the crime scene for prints fast!
  • Finishing the Novel game Finishing the Novel I need to finish my book, but I'm stuck! I must find my lucky charms, they always help me when I have writers block.
  • Save the Show game Save the Show The men working on the stage for tonight's premiere have misplaced some of the props. Help us save the show!
  • Hold the Plane game Hold the Plane Dear customer, just a reminder that your flight has been rescheduled, and it is set for today. We hope you packed on time!

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