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Play 21 free electric games online.

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  • SCGMD4 game SCGMD4 Rated 3.1/5 based on 15 user ratings SCGMD is back! There are 55 achievements, 14 guitars, over 15 songs, and some extra hidden challenges! We hope you enjoy it!
  • Shocking Chain game Shocking Chain Unleash chain reactions to achieve the higher score! Use your skills and timing to compete with other people all around the world Includes: - 1000 cha...
  • Electro game Electro An updated version of the classic "Hangman" game. Guess the word or phrase to survive.
  • Click to Fly - Episode 1 game Click to Fly - Episode 1 Bird wants to go home. The girl wants to eat the bird. How will it all end? This is a simple mini-game that can attract your attention.
  • Witch Girl Rikitty game Witch Girl Rikitty Help Rikitty use her flying broomstick & magic wand to defeat the evil witch!
  • Birds on a wire game Birds on a wire Make them noisy birds go away in this fun match-three shooter.
  • Big electric car coloring game Big electric car coloring
  • Electric Armor game Electric Armor Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings The world is under attack by a mysterious army of robots! A team of heroes has been assembled to infiltrate their base and stop them. This team is unn...
  • WeZap game WeZap Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Bob’s Rocket is on fire and he can’t stop. Clear the way for him by zapping obstacles.
  • Museum of Science Fiction game Museum of Science Fiction After visiting the Museum of Science Fiction you find yourself 50 floors underground in a secret lab. Every disaster imaginable unfolds as the lab bec...
  • Lighting all the way game Lighting all the way Its Holiday time, but there is no power in the city. The Drone sets off on a mission to light up the city and save the holidays. Run and fly through t...
  • Do Androsheep Dream of Electric Roids game Do Androsheep Dream of Electric Roids Yes, yes they do! Use lasers to repel space rocks, defend civilians and escort VIPs!
  • The Electric Snake game The Electric Snake The Electric Snake is a cool new take on the original Snake game. 3d Graphics, time penalties and falling obstacles all combine to make this a very ad...
  • Electric Bar game Electric Bar Guide the bar through the Black & White Wire Maze without touching anything!
  • Diamond Frog game Diamond Frog A diamond loving frog. Futuristic and electric!
  • Electric Box game Electric Box It's time to think outside the box. Connect power from the power supply to the set target. Use the mouse to move your inventory. Click the left mouse...
  • Electric Guitar Decor game Electric Guitar Decor
  • Electric Joint game Electric Joint Connect all the positive and negative charges in each level, ensuring that no connections overlap.
  • Electric Box 2 game Electric Box 2 Play the sequel to the world's most electrifying puzzle game!
  • cling game cling Welcome to cling! Your goal is to help Edgar the electric spider to the goal at the end of each level. Use the hooks to pull Edgar there! Watch out fo...
  • Kaleidoscope Series 1 game Kaleidoscope Series 1 Electrifying logic game where you match adjoining sides of colorful shapes in a variety of formations.

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