galactik football games

Play 9 free galactik football games online.

  • Galactik Football game Galactik Football3.6 Galactik Football is a futuristic 3D football game and part of Flash MMO game and virtual world Club Galactik.
  • Dkicker game Dkicker3.9 Soccer shootout game. Beat the goalkeeper with volleys and headers and make your way to the trophy.
  • Premiership Football Quiz game Premiership Football Quiz5 Test your knowledge of Premiership Football in this 20 question quiz. The questions are randomised each time you play, so if you don't score well at f...
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Dress Up game Cristiano Ronaldo Dress Up3.7 Christiano Ronaldo prepares for the great football match and needs you to help him find the perfect decision for his apparel. Can you give him some su...
  • Goalkeeper game Goalkeeper1 Defend your goal from the incoming stream of balls but be carefull for the bricks!
  • Football Quiz game Football Quiz1 Test your knowledge of the beautiful game in this quick multiple choice quiz. The questions are different each time, so if you don't score well the fi...
  • 010 World cup prep. game 010 World cup prep.2.3 pick one of available national teams and prepare for the 2010 world cup
  • English Football World Cup Typing game English Football World Cup Typing5
  • Gravity Football 2 game Gravity Football 23 Play the entire world cup as any of the 32 national teams!

Related games

  • Magnetic Football game Magnetic Football5 Magnetic Football is a flash fun football game. The aim is to score maximum goals within time.
  • Kick and Shoot Football game Kick and Shoot Football5 Shoot The Football as far as you can.
  • Simple Soccer Championship game Simple Soccer Championship5 Become the world champion of soccer! Play your favorite team and go for gold in this simple yet challenging game.
  • Worldcup soccer quiz game Worldcup soccer quiz How much do you know about soccer and the world cup soccer? Test you skills , and find out how good you are!
  • Soccer Referee Girl Coloring Game Soccer Referee Girl Coloring Game1 This time you’ll see the Georgian soccer trip from the Erin’s point of view. Eric is a keen soccer player and sometimes he beaks the ruler. But Erin i...
  • Soccer World Cup 2010 game Soccer World Cup 20102.6 Select your national team and compete in  Soccer World Cup 2010 tournament. A beautiful graphics and great gameplay with tackles, fouls, extra times a...
  • Puzzle Football - 1 game Puzzle Football - 1 Football Puzzle
  • The world Cup 2010 game The world Cup 2010 Play with the 32 official teams of the football world cup in South Africa. You have two modes, one for training where you can practice your skills in...
  • Football-free kic game Football-free kic Press the mouse, drag the player and hit the ball with the player's shoe. You are given 10 chances. If the ball passes through the goal you score a po...
  • Football lob master game Football lob master5 Master the lob shot in this multi level football ( or soccer ) game. Go directly for the goal or pass to your teammate so he can score.
  • Soccer Fan Girl Coloring Game Soccer Fan Girl Coloring Game Alice has come to South Africa to support her favorite soccer team during the World Cup. Color the fan girl anyhow you like! Then you can save the pic...
  • Play Soccer with computer game Play Soccer with computer1 Play soccer with computer, and win goals in six levels.
  • Tactical Game Soccer Tactical Game Soccer Football game turn-based, mouse
  • World Cup Football Quiz game World Cup Football Quiz World Cup football has produced some fantastic moments over the years, but how well do you remember them? Put your knowledge of the FIFA World Cup to...
  • Soccer game Soccer3.7 Soccer is a game that takes the gamer to the world of realistic international soccer sports !
  • HT83 Zombie soccer game HT83 Zombie soccer soccer zombie you control through other zumbie
  • football 2010 game football 2010
  • Football Madness! game Football Madness!1 Get to the end zone and score a touchdown! Think you can do it without getting tackled?
  • World Cup 2010 game World Cup 20101 Choose a team and try to win the World Cup.
  • Streak Soccer game Streak Soccer Be the longest running streaker in the history of Soccer! Beware of Ball Bashers.
  • Soccer Dribble game Soccer Dribble Soccer Dribble is a sports skill game where players will try to dribble the soccer ball for as long as they can without letting the ball touch the gro...

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