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  • Vegy Crush game Vegy Crush Rated 4.6/5 based on 10 user ratings Matching 3 flash puzzle game. 3 or more of the same vegy in line or group to remove them of the stage.
  • Celebrity Face Morph game Celebrity Face Morph Rated 3.7/5 based on 3 user ratings Play around with celebritys face and morph it the way you want. When you are done, print the image.
  • Tuti Fruti game Tuti Fruti Rated 2.3/5 based on 3 user ratings Fruit matching puzzle the fruits around and have a juicy time
  • Darts game Darts Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings You START WITH 501 POINTS and EACH DART THROW REDUCES THE SCORE. When you rich the zero (0) you win the game. EXCEEDING ZERO IS A "BUST", SCORE IS NOT...
  • Hit Mr President game Hit Mr President Bush or Clinton? Who do you want to hit in the face? 10 is the best score, try to reach that!
  • Gummy Crush game Gummy Crush Gummy crush is a drop down puzzle game. You need to clear all the gummys from the table under 30 sec. Do your best and make your best score. 2 or more...
  • MoonSun Othello game MoonSun Othello Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Othello is a classic variant of Checkers and is also known as Reversi. Each player tries to fill the game board with as many discs of his color(moon o...
  • Juice Power game Juice Power Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings Move your bat with mouse and try to put as many fruit in the basket as possible, but avoid the bone, because it will freeze you down for a few seconds...
  • Falling Bubbles game Falling Bubbles Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Drop down puzzle game. Shoot the bubbles and make a good score.
  • Gem Blocks game Gem Blocks Gem Blocks. Puzzle flash game. Clear the table by lining up three or more gems of the same kind. You have 2 minutes to make your best score, so what a...
  • Halloween Hangman game Halloween Hangman Halloween Hangman flash game. Choose between 10 categorys and try to guess the words that i am looking for. You have got 8 attempts on each word.
  • Fruit Crush game Fruit Crush Cool and funny flash game. Fruit Crush is a time limited game and you need to clear the table as fast as possible.
  • Alien Race game Alien Race Bike racing game. 10 level of fun driving.
  • Shape Crush game Shape Crush Shape crush is a drop down puzzle game. Swap the shapes around.
  • Eye Pop game Eye Pop Pop up the eye! Cool.. Drop down puzzle game.
  • Christmas Gems game Christmas Gems Christmas Theme drop down puzzle game.
  • Catapult Bush game Catapult Bush Do yo like Bush? If not, catapult him a long way from you! God luck!
  • Billiard Racer game Billiard Racer Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Billiard Racer! Cool and funny game for everyone. You are cool bikerman and have a cool bike driving around billiard table.
  • Falling ABC game Falling ABC Falling ABC flash game for kids, boys, while you playing.
  • Happy turn game Happy turn Click the angry face and try to turn the entire board me happy!
  • Balloon Hunt game Balloon Hunt 30 sec balloon hunting. Fun and quick!
  • Bullseye game Bullseye Bullseye is a cool shooting game. Bees are under attack and trying to move the targets from you! Shoot them!
  • Blocks Crush game Blocks Crush Blocks crush is a puzzle game and you need to clear all the table. Crush all blocks.
  • Bouncing Frog game Bouncing Frog Bouncing Frog is a funny and interesting game. Little green frog is jumping around and trying to catch as many flys as possible, but at the same time...
  • Farm Hoops Challenge game Farm Hoops Challenge Farm hoops challenge is a funny free throws flash game. Your court is a farm yard and enjoy playing...
  • Hide and Seek game Hide and Seek Hide and Seek flash game. Your girlfriend is so beautiful and the only thing she do not have is a real pearl. Find it and give the pearl to her.
  • poolckey game poolckey Point at puck you want to shoot then click and release. Put all 10 pucks into the goal at a given time. If you do that you will advance to the next le...
  • Fruit Njinja game Fruit Njinja Smash fruit and have fun. Avoid bombs! Make your best score and be best.
  • Superman Adventure game Superman Adventure Fly around like a superman and collect some points. Avoid kryptonite and try to get green clock for extra time.
  • Christmas Santa Ride game Christmas Santa Ride Christmas Santa Ride flash game. Help Santa drive thru all 10 levels so Santa can decorate the Christmas tree.
  • Pou is Lost game Pou is Lost Pou is lost and you need to bring him back home.
  • Volleyball game Volleyball Mole and have fun!

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