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Play 3 free kakapo games online.

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  • Shinobi Ninja game Shinobi Ninja Casual and simple mouse-only game. Test your ninja skills and dodge obstacles in order to confront the final boss.
  • Neon Reaction game Neon Reaction Arcade chain reaction game.
  • Heart Collector game Heart Collector Collect as many hearts as you can before the allotted time runs out.
  • Clicking Tournament game Clicking Tournament You need to show everyone how great you are with clicking the left mouse so you enter a Tournament by showing everyone your mad skill, you need to cli...
  • Click Fury game Click Fury Can you stop the Bad guy before they leave the screen.
  • Click Click Click game Click Click Click Clicking never bin this fun, till your way to the top.
  • PressMe game PressMe1 The simplest game in the world to play just PressMe!!! Compete against other clickers to become the number 1 "King Bubble".
  • Avoider game Avoider Avoid the shapes!
  • RoboSmile game RoboSmile Use Mouse To Move The Picker,, Left Mouse Button to catch falling Balls, them into the moving "Box". RoboSmile smiling :).
  • Impact game Impact Quick reaction game with box2d physics, rock music and special video effects. Click left mouse button to object for points and additional time. Compar...
  • Troublesome Mice game Troublesome Mice mice are causing trouble. Take care of them. Click on the mice when they appear.
  • Mermaid Gem game Mermaid Gem Match 3 game with Mermaids and Pearls. Swap 2 adjacent pearls to match 3 or more in a row. Matched items are removed. Remove all dark backgrounds to a...
  • BABUCO PONG 2 game BABUCO PONG 2 This is the second release of Babuco pong. The goal is still to hit many bubbles as you can to get high scores. But I added some power ups, and many t...
  • The Mouse Breaker  game The Mouse Breaker How many clicks can you do in 20 seconds ? Will you enter in the rank ? BREAK YOUR MOUSE !
  • Twisty Twister game Twisty Twister Simple game create for fun. It`s call MOUSE Crasher, show your score at top500!
  • Scribble Dash game Scribble Dash Keep running until you can't run anymore. Jump and double jump your way forward while avoiding falling into the doom!
  • What's Poppin? game What's Poppin? Click as many objects to achieve the highest score possible within the time limit!
  • Ultimate Click Speed Test game Ultimate Click Speed Test5 How fast can you click? Buy upgrades, unlock achievements and try to get a High score in the Ultimate click speed test.
  • Mashin Meeces game Mashin Meeces This is a quirky but fun point and click style game in which the player revisits the comical dynamic of mice terrorizing elephants. Users have two mod...
  • The Clickers game The Clickers Click on the button as much as possible within 10 seconds and see if you are clickers the fastest among your friends,..
  • P-P-Penguin game P-P-Penguin Penguin wants candy! Click and hold the mouse to aim, then let go to jump and collect cookies and candies! Collect 3 or more in one jump to get bonuse...
  • Click Check Push game Click Check Push1 The objective is to click what I indicate the faster you can. Faster you are, more point you get.
  • Spherical Elements game Spherical Elements You are given an area which you have to fill in with spheres. Mouse click to create spheres. The sphere will start to inflate. Make spheres as big as...
  • Sugar Crash game Sugar Crash Bounce the kid up to LAFFS and FUN, but make sure to give him a nap or he'll SUGAR CRASH!
  • Cow Abducter game Cow Abducter a Clicking game where you collect cows while dodging rocks...
  • Halloween Monkey Throw game Halloween Monkey Throw This is Hunting Monkey game. This game a hungry monkey to hunt the fruits, the monkey stands on the small branch And waiting for a fruits, if the frui...
  • Bricks Breaking 2 game Bricks Breaking 2 Race against the clock for the bricks breaking action!
  • Now You Jump game Now You Jump Stay alive as long as possible by jumping from platform to platform!

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