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  • Puke Maze game Puke Maze In Puke Maze you have to navigate your mouse cursor trough various levels to win.
  • Charlie Chicks Adventure game Charlie Chicks Adventure Charlie is struggling to get home, help him get to the chicken coop whilst avoiding all the nasty farm yard hazards. It's not as easy as it looks!
  • The Maze Adventure 2 game The Maze Adventure 2 A new Maze Adventure begins! You can choose from 80 unique levels or play them per pack of 20 levels. The UFO's and mines are harder, the detonators a...
  • Mirrored Maze 3 game Mirrored Maze 3 The new mouse avoider with a twist
  • Fish Maze game Fish Maze Find your way through the maze and get to the finish!
  • Night Rat Maze game Night Rat Maze Find your way through the maze and get to the finish!
  • Santas Magic Sack game Santas Magic Sack Reach into Santa's Magic Sack and see if you can pull out the gift of your dreams!
  • Quoridor game Quoridor The amazing maze. To be the first to reach the line opposite to one’s base line.
  • Pixelshocks Tower Defence II game Pixelshocks Tower Defence II Pixelshocks’ Tower Defence returns in its second installment with more creeps, more maps and new game modes! The core of the game remains the same - P...
  • Webcade Maze game Webcade Maze Webcade Maze is the classic mouse maze! It is timed so try to get your mouse to the end as fast as possible!
  • Overmaze game Overmaze You have to move the walls to let the orange square come into green square. The orange square should not be confronted with the walls.
  • Crypt game Crypt Crypt is a horror rpg game. Go through 8 levels of the dark crypt with only a small torch and your loyal 9mm at your side.
  • Ball in a Maze game Ball in a Maze Drag the ball with the mouse and hit the blue square.
  • Mazeroll game Mazeroll Drag the maze with your mouse to collect spheres and make Kira and Kimo meet again!
  • Maze Ball game Maze Ball Clear the maze by reaching the green tile, but hurry before time runs out. But be careful you don't want to fall off. When you reach the green tile yo...
  • Mouse Maze game Mouse Maze Simple (yet hard) mouse maze game. Is your hand steady enough to beat it?
  • Gold Mine game Gold Mine Help miner to collect enough gold coins to unlock new levels.
  • Blindball game Blindball The game is simple, all you need to do is guide a ball to the finish using placed tools of the users choice, there are twenty levels with each a uniqu...
  • Slow and Steady A cursor of patience game Slow and Steady A cursor of patience A cursor maze game. Try to complete it in the quickest time.
  • The Warehouse game The Warehouse In The Warehouse you will be moving boxes to their destination! You will be in a big warehouse with several boxes and you will need to move them into...
  • Exomaze game Exomaze A small maze game
  • zombie tag game zombie tag you are playing tag, zombie style. run away from zombies or you become a zombie.
  • Steady Hands game Steady Hands Steady Hands! is a fun game to test out your skills with your mouse! The many different mazes requires you to control a ball through twists and turns...
  • TilezMaze2 game TilezMaze2 The object of the game is to guide the ball to the end of the maze towards the green blinking portal. In order to move the ball, you use the arrow key...
  • AR Maze game AR Maze Fun game! Can you beat it?
  • Purp game Purp Retro chase through a moving maze. Munch your way to victory while avoiding the nasty beasties.
  • Paint Blood game Paint Blood Paint walls of an invisible maze with blood of your enemies to find an exit from the maze.
  • Dark Age game Dark Age Explore castles and dungeons. Destroy ghouls, ogres, bats, and other evil creatures as you fight to restore balance to the land. Excitement, action, a...
  • Typo Run game Typo Run Collect letters in order to form the target words presented at the top of the screen.
  • Circle Maze game Circle Maze Avoid the rotating maze while trying to pick up falling circles and squares for points.
  • Flapo 2 game Flapo 2 Control the ball trough multilevel mazes. Destroy all round tiles before entering the exit tile. You can destroy tiles which color match your ball`s c...
  • Hyper Cube game Hyper Cube The objective of the game is to find the exit to each stage. Every stage is like a puzzle. There are all sorts of contraptions that can mutilate you i...
  • Multi Maze Mountain game Multi Maze Mountain Multi Maze Mountain is an educational game, perfectly suitable to train multiplication tables. You can pick a level and replay it as long as you like...
  • A Mazing Race game A Mazing Race Beat the computer to the end of the maze.
  • Jet Maze game Jet Maze Pilot your jet through a mid air maze. Don't get suckered into dead ends. Watch for sharp turns!
  • Kachbo eWall 6 game Kachbo eWall 6 A great wall based maze game in 6th version. Very popular now.
  • Neon Avoider game Neon Avoider A neon glowing mouse avoider game. Avoid the green walls while you try to reach the red circle. click the "Make This Game" button to learn how to make...
  • School Maze game School Maze Help Lil' Billy on his quest to find his homework! One day, Lil' Billy was sitting in study hall bored and about to check his homework. He opened his...
  • Maze Attack game Maze Attack This Game is classic Maze game with obstacles.
  • 3D Kangourou Track game 3D Kangourou Track Physical game where you are a kangourou that must escape a world made of metal blocks.
  • 2mazed game 2mazed Navigate the two mirror-like moving characters through the maze and take them to the portal simultaneously. Avoid traps and enemies, pick up bonuses a...
  • CrazeMaze game CrazeMaze CrazeMaze! Compete against other players to complete this maze and post the highest score!

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