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  • 3D Alien Escape Molehill game 3D Alien Escape Molehill Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings 3D Game where you escape a alien basement.
  • The Mouse Path game The Mouse Path Move through the maze without crashing into the sides. Collect stars and get as far as you can. Try to claim the top post in the high scores.
  • Seco Maze game Seco Maze Just try to get to the red zone without touching the black walls. There are 3 Levels. Don’t Cheat. Good Luck !
  • Air Maze 2 game Air Maze 2 Fly on the balloons through the maze avoiding obstacles.
  • 3D Neon Maze game 3D Neon Maze Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings 3D Flash And Physic Game Where You Escape This Neon Maze By Moving The Ball.
  • Mick Letterton game Mick Letterton Detective Mick Letterton aka "the Lettersleuth" needs your help. He's just been ordered to find a whole list of words hidden in a confusing maze of le...
  • TILTIT game TILTIT See the ball, use the mouse, tilt the board, hit the walls, watch out for traps, grab the keys, open the gates, hold your breath, take the teleporters...
  • haunted mirror maze game haunted mirror maze Met friendly zombies, vampires, and ghosts. Solve puzzles while been entertained by theirs quirky animations and comments.

Most played maze games

  • Digital Maze game Digital Maze You have to move the car to reach the goal before the time limit. Use arrow keys to move the car. Click the correct door number buttons to open the do...
  • Maze Ball 3D game Maze Ball 3D Move the ball to the goal hole but be careful of the sinking holes, the ball must not drop at these holes. Exit holes are locked. You must get the key...
  • Industrial Maze game Industrial Maze Use your mind and guide the star to reach the outlet within the given time duration.
  • Silver Maze game Silver Maze A deep tower defense game featuring 31 unique turrets, customization, and tower combinations! This is a big repolishiment/remake of my first game, Sno...
  • CavescapE game CavescapE Use the Arrow Pad to navigate through the cave. You are on ice, which is why you can't stop whenever you want to. The only way to stop is to hit a bou...
  • Maze Game Play 2 Maze Game Play 2 Play the maze game 2 and help the Blind man to find house.
  • Stringy game Stringy Drive Stringy through 40 levels avoiding walls, rotating barriers and lasers, and collect red and yellow stars. Beat levels quickly to gain White Star...
  • Star Survial game Star Survial Move the mouse to control the star, avoid the circles and catch more stars.
  • Ragdoll Maze Flight game Ragdoll Maze Flight Avoid obstacles @ Collect stars. Control dude in the maze and stay on the screen as long as possible.
  • King Jester game King Jester Using your arrow keys guide King Jester through the maze as you try to flip the floor to meet the requirements. Avoid the Brown Kights or capture a cr...
  • Kachbo eWall game Kachbo eWall An interesting maze game, played with the mouse reaching from start to destination.
  • Piping - Paze game Piping - Paze Piping Maze Puzzle Game
  • 3D Car And Maze game 3D Car And Maze You are lost in a maze with a car and you must escape.
  • Invisible Walk game Invisible Walk 52 Weeks of Game Development: Week 2. The "52 Weeks of Game Development" project is a 2012 New Year's resolution I made to create a new game every wee...
  • Gobstoppers game Gobstoppers As a set of chomping teeth, your must eat all the candy dots in the maze, while avoiding the teeth-shattering jawbreakers. Although the concept is sim...
  • Franklin Bank Alone game Franklin Bank Alone Mr. Franklin is the main local Banker. Once upon a time he decided to go to the work a bit earlier. He noticed that bank is full with thieves and the...
  • The Maze Game Extreme The Maze Game Extreme Try your luck with 15 levels of this (almost) impossible maze game!
  • Minotaur game Minotaur Explore the Minotaur's dungeon mazes. Find objects, avoid traps and seek out the stairs to the next, larger maze. Randomly generated mazes give you a...
  • Lazer Maze game Lazer Maze Lazer Maze is a puzzle game for 1 or 2 players. Each player controls a generator that shoots periodically. The players have to buy blocks which alter...
  • Hilarious Challenge The Game Hilarious Challenge The Game A simple maze like game where you simple use your mouse to try and reach the end.
  • Murder On Everest game Murder On Everest Take control of Scott Devlon in his return to Everest to recover the body of Derek Sodoc, only son of the worlds richest and most powerful man. Move f...
  • 3D Maze Escape 1 Molehill game 3D Maze Escape 1 Molehill Find the exit.
  • Matts Random Mazes game Matts Random Mazes Matt's Random Mazes game is a series of mazes for you to solve, the game will be updated often adding new mazes, new futures and more.
  • Keyboard Maze game Keyboard Maze A fun challenging game
  • Maze-Block game Maze-Block MAze-Block twisting game.
  • Guitar Ninja game Guitar Ninja A pacman style game with a ninja that must defeat the music demons! Real guitar musics and cartoon-stylish graphics on this maze game!
  • Kachbo eWall 3 game Kachbo eWall 3 Kachbo eWall series is becoming popular with our gamers demanding more. So heres another one for you.
  • 3D Bunny Track game 3D Bunny Track Physical game where you are a happy rabbit that must escape a world made of blocks.
  • Hour Maze game Hour Maze Logic maze puzzle based on the numbers from a clock. Fill in the maze squares with the numbers 1 through 12 in sequence.
  • Maze Game Maze Game A simple maze game featuring multiple floors.
  • Tiger Maze game Tiger Maze Fire balls to make sets of three, but don't let them reach the circle hole or you're history! HAVE FUN!
  • Father Emperor game Father Emperor Help the Emperor rescue his 4 daughters as quickly as you can. The goal is the save all 4 daughters in the quickest time
  • Eugor game Eugor Escape from the 100 levels dungeon, fight with the unbelievable creatures. Upgrade yourself with experience, potions, weapons, armors to make your way...
  • Mouse Maze Galor game Mouse Maze Galor
  • Puzzle Boy Flash game Puzzle Boy Flash Puzzle Boy Flash is a remake of the games Puzzle Boy and Kwirk.
  • Kachbo eWall 5 game Kachbo eWall 5 Kachbo Games bring you another eWall from its very popular maze games series. This one is back on popular demand.
  • Claustrophobia - The Maze Game Claustrophobia - The Maze Game Escape from the shrinking maze. Avoid walls. Pick up coins to upgrade. Pick up bombs to blow up the walls. Freeze and back the walls.
  • Snow Maze game Snow Maze Collect stars to escape the Snow Maze.
  • Trapped Ball game Trapped Ball A maze game with some different moving spikes. Avoid them and reach the finish point.. But not that simple :D
  • Mouse Maze 3 game Mouse Maze 3 guide your mouse though intricate mazes.
  • Maze Fantasy Begins game Maze Fantasy Begins Action/Arcade/Reflexion game with 50 levels. Collect all the Green Crystals within the time limits allowed
  • Zach maze game Zach maze Serch for a way uot of maze, collecting all hearts. Exit is possible if all hearts was collect. Hero's life is limited and decreases over a certian ra...

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