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  • Purple House Hidden Objects game Purple House Hidden Objects Rated 2.3/5 based on 3 user ratings To progress, you have find the 7 items in Purple House. You can also gain extra points by finding the 7 coins scattered around.
  • Sneakys Journey 8 game Sneakys Journey 8 Sneaky's Journey 8 is a new adventure game created by Melting-Mindz games!  Sneaky is on a journey around the world to gather 10 sacred first 7 gems h...
  • Lost Monastery - Hidden Object game Lost Monastery - Hidden Object PlayHOG presents Lost Monastery, a Hidden Object game where we have carefully hidden 40 objects per level.
  • The lost room Find objects game The lost room Find objects You have to find five objects that hidden on the pictures.
  • Sport Room Mysteries game Sport Room Mysteries Do not miss the new addictive hidden object game by Free-Online- You got a new job as a cleaner in the fitness club. At fist find all cloths that were...
  • Find The Things game Find The Things Jazzy Jennifer the sqwonkey really doesn't know how to keep her office tidy. Try and find the things she needs from the crazy little mess!
  • Messy Bedroom Hidden Objects game Messy Bedroom Hidden Objects To progress, you have find the 7 items in Messy Bedrooms. You can also gain extra points by finding the 7 bonus scattered around.

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