mental games

Play 3 free mental games online.

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  • Math Break game Math Break Add with speed and multiply with ease. Become the greatest Mathematician and add and multiply with a breeze.
  • Sheep Land game Sheep Land
  • PicTrix Math game PicTrix Math A very special game for kids. Carry the falling picture pieces at exact place to make a full photo. You need to adjust it at right place before it fal...
  • Ground Rumble Rally game Ground Rumble Rally Prehistoric rally.
  • HIGHWAY RACE game HIGHWAY RACE Drive the police car through the highway avoiding the cars. Use the arrow keys to change lanes. How long can you resist? Good luck! Tips and help: inf...
  • X Speed Race 2 game X Speed Race 2 Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Drive the super fast cars and beat the other ones to become the best driver out there.
  • Milky Truck game Milky Truck Hop on the milky truck and prove you can drive it with great driver skills through the neighborhood. Pay attention to the road to make sure you don't...
  • Ghost Racer game Ghost Racer be a ghost racer and speed up to win the competition
  • Tugmath Rounding game Tugmath Rounding Win the tug of war by getting the power to tug by selecting the number that roundings to the nearest 10.
  • Tugmath Rounding 2 game Tugmath Rounding 2 Win the tug of war by getting the power to tug by selecting the number that rounding to the nearest 100.
  • Number Revolution game Number Revolution How are your Math skills? Add up numbers until you reach the indicated number.
  • Shoot Primes Number Games Shoot Primes Number Games This is shooter educational game. You can shoot various number in this game. But for win you must shoot prime number
  • Jampo - 10 game Jampo - 10 Hey KIDS help Jampo return to their planet. Collecting stars and learning to count to 10. Game recommended for children 2-5 years old. Supported voice...
  • Mathematical Mining Moles game Mathematical Mining Moles A fun math game featuring decimal and time addition problems, smooth animations, and a 3-star rating system for each level. Perfect for anyone interes...
  • Cute Division Math Game Cute Division Math Game Math the right answers to questions by dragging the answers to the questions. Its fun and easy to learn.
  • Math Balloons Multiplication Division game Math Balloons Multiplication Division Practice both your multiplication and division skills in this fun math match 3 game. Use your multiplication & division skills to remove balloons to m...
  • Baby Caring game Baby Caring Mom is at work. Hazel needs your help to take care of her brother or sister. To keep her brother or sister happy you have to take part in a variety of...
  • X Speed Race game X Speed Race Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Drive the super fast cars to see if you can beat the other ones and become the best driver out there.
  • Cute Car Racer game Cute Car Racer Cute Car Racer is a free online car racing game in which you have to drive your yellow racing car on the road as far as you can. Avoid stones, blocks...
  • Amiga Retro Time Racer game Amiga Retro Time Racer The Amiga is still alive, so go back in time and enjoy !
  • Arcade Racer game Arcade Racer This arcade game contains danger, racing, speed and so much more.
  • Monster Destruction Racer game Monster Destruction Racer Top rated racing game which mix action and speed into a dangerous cocktail.
  • Gang HitRace game Gang HitRace Which gang rules on the road? This game is one of the top performers when it comes to gameplay, fun and intensity.
  • Knockout Racing game Knockout Racing Fun, exciting and intense racing game that keep you entertained for hours.
  • Full Moon Zombie Race game Full Moon Zombie Race Top 10 racing game which get your adrenaline running faster than you can drive while you try to escape the zombies.
  • Hitman Race game Hitman Race Fun, exciting and intense action game that keep you entertained for hours.
  • Movie Racing game Movie Racing Be a star in your own action movie.
  • Movie Stunt Racing game Movie Stunt Racing Top 10 racing game which get your adrenaline running faster than you can drive.

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