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  • Jet Miner game Jet Miner Rated 3.2/5 based on 29 user ratings Welcome to Jet Miner! Find all diamonds hidden underground, then go to the exit as soon as possible!!
  • Miner in WAR game Miner in WAR Rated 3.3/5 based on 12 user ratings The miner adventurer must fight against zombies that have imprisoned in a cave. v.0.01d : - Add Intro menu and end menu - New level and add creper
  • Box It 2 game Box It 2 Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings What lies beneath the ancient Inca ruins in the mines of Kazarakt remains a mystery, but as legend has it, they hold vast treasures. Follow an ancient...
  • Jem Match 2 - Mining game Jem Match 2 - Mining Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Help Jo mining for gems. Match three and three and collect the score. Get even more points by visiting the in game casino.
  • MINERBOMB game MINERBOMB Rated 5/5 based on 3 user ratings Check all TNT bombs, take all flag and the diamond, escape to arrow and pick. A level is all random. Have a FUN!!!!
  • Goldie the Gold Miner game Goldie the Gold Miner Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Check out this ONLINE game that is the SEQUEL to Finders Keepers. If you're pulling up an item and you don't like - Click on it to blow it up. Have fu...
  • Speed Miner 2 game Speed Miner 2 Rated 1/5 based on 1 user ratings Mine as many blocks as you can in this fast pace and easy to play game! Collect up minerals and use them to build a city!
  • Miner Solitaire game Miner Solitaire Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Aces Square Solitaire game: Discard all the cards in pairs of the same suit, except the four Aces.
  • Falling Blocks - lite version game Falling Blocks - lite version Dodge all the blocks, take the coins that fall, jump higher and higher.
  • Speed Miner 3 game Speed Miner 3 Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings Speed Miner returns! Unlock 8 different pickaxes and 6 different locations in this easy to play game!
  • Speed Miner game Speed Miner Mine as many blocks as you in this easy to play game!
  • Treasure Miner - a mining tycoon game Treasure Miner - a mining tycoon Treasure Miner is a classic sandbox game. Build your own mine infastructure and be the first miner, who discover rare artefacts, ores and gems. Sell y...
  • MathPup Coin Miner game MathPup Coin Miner MathPup needs some coins. Help him to mine the coins to amount of target.
  • Bruce Bonnie 02 - Bubble Fishing game Bruce Bonnie 02 - Bubble Fishing It's fishing time for Bruce and Bonnie ! Help Bonnie to catch as more fish as possible while Bruce is swimming with them. But wait, Bruce can't breath...
  • Doughnut Miner game Doughnut Miner Just imagine that doughnuts cannot be made, but can be found underground. You are the doughnut miner aka doughnut addict. Grab your mining tools and s...
  • Drop block miner game Drop block miner
  • Wildcat Asteroid Miner game Wildcat Asteroid Miner Self-Replicating Robot Drones have taken over the entire Asteroid Diamond Mining Industry driving human wages down to near zero. But a few mavericks a...
  • Mario Miner game Mario Miner Fun Goldminer variant game. Grab enough silver and gold coins to advance to the next level.
  • Gold Spot game Gold Spot Gold spot, gold miner game, finding, digging and collecting gold, diamond and all various gemstone using mining tractor for money
  • Treasure rush miner game Treasure rush miner Collect the object of similar type by placing the mouse over them. Place the collected object in their required box and animals to complete the levels...
  • Manic Miner game Manic Miner Manic Miner is a faithful remake of the old school classic of the same name originally written for the ZX Spectrum by Matthew Smith and released by Bu...
  • Teddy miner game Teddy miner "Teddy miner" - Choose any color and click on the picture. It is free coloring game for kids.
  • Deep Space Miner game Deep Space Miner Updated Version! - Retro Arcade Action bought upto date. Blast Your way through the asteroid field and collect the precious gold ore found within.
  • Sea Catcher game Sea Catcher catch more things you can in a limited time!many levels.
  • Mole Mines game Mole Mines Help Mr. Mole with his digging, be careful though as you don't want to hit any mines in this interpretation of the Minesweeper classic.
  • Robot Miner game Robot Miner 2216 Wasteland Ore Star, Mining robot WALL·E hears that there are veins of amethyst on the wasteland ore star. Amethyst is a kind of super high concen...
  • MathPup Time Miner game MathPup Time Miner MathPup want to know what time it is. Help him to mine the analog clock that matches the time on the digital clock that be target.

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