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  • Zombie Tic Tac Toe game Zombie Tic Tac Toe Zombie Tic Tac Toe - A tic tac toe game that has a zombie theme to it. Features one player and two player modes. Play with mouse or wiimote.
  • Little Late Running Hood game Little Late Running Hood Little Late Running Hood is late for her class, as usual. Help her get to class as fast as possible by shaking the mouse!
  • Christmas - Coal Mine Escape game Christmas - Coal Mine Escape Help Santa Save Coal Gatherers!
  • Numeric Madness game Numeric Madness Follow the correct path through the tiles to reduce them all to zero in this fun bright puzzler.
  • Carneval popper game Carneval popper Start a chainreaction and get your ball to pop other balls. But you only have one click...
  • Tablet PC room Decoration game Tablet PC room Decoration Create a House, Design and build your own house! more funny games on
  • Magic Fruit Tree game Magic Fruit Tree Help the rabbit catch as many fruits as it can!
  • Dodgem game Dodgem Seems simple: dodge the green/blue squares for as long as possible. Not for long!

Most played mouse games

  • Health Tonic game Health Tonic Show how quickly you can respond. Click the Dabur Chyawanprash bottle as soon as it pops up.
  • Prizma Puzzle 2 game Prizma Puzzle 2 Challenge yourself to 40 levels of chain-reaction puzzles!
  • The Cell 2 game The Cell 2 Escape a room with no doors or windows. More challenging than the previous game!
  • jjs Flower Garden game jjs Flower Garden Step into this wonderful scenic garden and help JJ and her puppy bring back some color and life into the world! Grow new beautiful flowers for her gar...
  • Zophies Mouse game Zophies Mouse Zophie the kitten needs your help to retreive her favorite toy mousey in this point and click game.
  • Super Taco Simon game Super Taco Simon This is a taco version of Simon. Click the taco parts in the order they flash at you.
  • Ditloid game Ditloid A word puzzle in which a phrase, quote, date or fact must be deduced from the number and abbreviated letters in the clue. I bet you’ve enjoyed Ditloid...
  • Can you reach the end game Can you reach the end Reach the finish button without touching the walls.
  • Stop Boom game Stop Boom Story: A terrorist has planted bombs in different parts of the city. You are the firefighter who got to know about it accidently.... But there is no t...
  • Color Collector game Color Collector Move your mouse and your spinning color collectors to get as many circles as you can! But be careful, if you touch nonmatching colors, it's all over....
  • Mouse Maze game Mouse Maze Simple (yet hard) mouse maze game. Is your hand steady enough to beat it?
  • Puke Maze game Puke Maze In Puke Maze you have to navigate your mouse cursor trough various levels to win.
  • CrazeMaze game CrazeMaze CrazeMaze! Compete against other players to complete this maze and post the highest score!
  • Webcade Maze game Webcade Maze Webcade Maze is the classic mouse maze! It is timed so try to get your mouse to the end as fast as possible!
  • meaning game meaning A unique and addicting game of memory that will give your brain a work out as you try to get a high score.
  • Promnesiac game Promnesiac A game in which you are your own worst enemy. Promnesiac is Déjà Vu squared.
  • CubeWall game CubeWall Avoid red cube with mouse control
  • Mirrored Maze 3 game Mirrored Maze 3 The new mouse avoider with a twist
  • Ball in a Maze game Ball in a Maze Drag the ball with the mouse and hit the blue square.
  • Microbe game Microbe A mouse follower with unique scoring and a soundtrack, in microbe you're the paramecium, trying to get food before the amoebas.
  • Gravity CanniBall game Gravity CanniBall Just click and hold to move around, although controls are on the game. Try and get the high score, and enjoy!
  • Balenza game Balenza Balenza is a fun, innovative, physics based puzzle game. The goal of Balenza is to balance as many objects on the platform as you can without dropping...
  • carnival of hell game carnival of hell Shooting gallery game. Eliminate all the monsters and protect the humans in this skills game set in a mysterious victorian setting. Complete the story...
  • BLOB MEN 5 game BLOB MEN 5 vertical scrolling space shooter
  • Mouse-Eaters game Mouse-Eaters Avoid the Mouse-Eaters to collect keys and get past all five rooms.
  • Boulder Basher 2 game Boulder Basher 2 use your mouse to deflect the giants boulders and save the village, buy shields and catapaults to help you defend against the evil giants and wizards...
  • Distortion Factor game Distortion Factor A collecter/avoider with a graphical twist
  • High Demand game High Demand Collect the items that Henry asks for but nothing else!
  • Gravqx game Gravqx Gravqx is a challenging skill game where players have to guide a ship around a set of tunnels with the mouse in as fast a time as possible, while work...
  • Spider Hazard game Spider Hazard You are an innocent little LADYBUG surrounded by an evil army of SPIDERS! Avoid spiders, collect grapes and survive as long as possible.
  • Dont Click game Dont Click Put your mouse on the blue circle to complete the level... it won't be so easy !
  • SCRUMPER game SCRUMPER Invincible mouse controlled space shooter.
  • Skeet Blue game Skeet Blue Skeet Blue - Aim and fire with mouse. Score as much as possible.
  • Plakka Cakka game Plakka Cakka A fun physics based cactus extraveganza! Keep your wriggly worm on the cactus for more than 5 seconds, but watch out for the bombs and the wind!
  • Easter-Memo game Easter-Memo Locate matching eggs diagonally, vertically or horizontally. You get to the next level once all eggs are cleared. The more eggs of the same value you...
  • cheese game cheese Grab the cheese, Avoid the cat, Pay attention to the 10 seconds time limite to grabbing a cheese
  • Monster Farm Factory game Monster Farm Factory you must be skilful and patient to accept this challenger
  • Clickolor game Clickolor Just try to find the wanted color and click it with your mouse! How many points can you make?
  • Rompe el rat n game Rompe el rat n Clica tantas veces como puedas con tu ratón sobre la pantalla amarilla en 10 segundos
  • Solar Storm game Solar Storm Pilot your ship through the asteroid field for as long as possible, Collect batteries to recharge your shield
  • Unrecreational Reason game Unrecreational Reason Avoid the tomatoes for as long as possible
  • Night Light 2 game Night Light 2 A new twist on the classic mouse maze. This time with more levels and timed levels!

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