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Play 2 free platano games online.

  • FruityBugs 2011 game FruityBugs 2011 A graphic refresh of the popular FruityBugs; with easier-to-send highscores and multi-language. Guide the ladybugs to the corresponding fruit. Score a...
  • Flappy Platano game Flappy Platano help super Platano avoid the evils salamis. click to fly.

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  • Flappy Bat game Flappy Bat Click to boost the bat up , this game is like flappy bird
  • Flap in a Gap game Flap in a Gap Swoop in on this new wing flapping bird game, flappy flap and squeeze yourself into the tiny gaps between the pipes to avoid being squished flat as a...
  • Little Red Flying Bird game Little Red Flying Bird
  • Flappy Soul game Flappy Soul A Little (And evil) soul is going on a never ending adventure! Tap on it so she would fly trough the pillars of paradise without hitting anything!
  • Water Slide game Water Slide3 Another pixel art game.
  • Flappy Wings game Flappy Wings Fly into freedom! The game everybody is talking about -Click to flap your wings and fly -Dodge the pipes Features: - Catchy Soundtrack - Simple Contro...
  • Dodo Bird Challenge game Dodo Bird Challenge Accept this great challenge and help Dodo Bird fly away safely from the glacial lands before he freezes! He needs to reach the tropical lands without...
  • Flappy Kaakka game Flappy Kaakka Flappy kakka Flap hard and go mad to be in air "kraa kraa"
  • Grumpy Beaks game Grumpy Beaks If you like Flappy Bird you will like Grumpy Beaks. If you hate Flappy Bird you will love Grumpy Beaks. That is the fact!
  • FLAPPY CHAPPY BIRD game FLAPPY CHAPPY BIRD Fly the Flappy Chappy as much away as possible. ;-)
  • Floppy Parrot game Floppy Parrot Are you a fan of Flappy Bird? Then you will be really excited to join our brand new Floppy Bird also known as Floppy Parrot. Stay focused and get read...
  • Flappy Pupy game Flappy Pupy Prepare yourself for a true journey through hell... "The Bois Who Stare At Goats" present a nightmarish take on the Flappy Bird craze.
  • Boy Being Chased By Dog game Boy Being Chased By Dog
  • Swingy Bird game Swingy Bird Wee! Swinging up and down is fun when you're a bird! But the pesky metal poles keep getting in the way! Bounce your way to the highscore in Swingy Bir...
  • Crappi Burd game Crappi Burd Dodge all the crap that is thrown at you, and try not to crap yourself into a wall.
  • Flappy Bird Flash game Flappy Bird Flash5 This is a tribute game of the super-addictive 'Flappy Bird" app! Made for those who do not have android or apple devices. This game is a difficult ski...
  • Farty Turd game Farty Turd Navigate your flying butt through a gauntlet of toilet paper, making sure to drop your "payload" along the way!
  • Happy Fish game Happy Fish Very hard game to beat. only the best survive! Flappy fish Go Go!
  • Bouncy Cat game Bouncy Cat Bounce the cat around the obstacles and get a high score!
  • Flappy Qambinx game Flappy Qambinx Tribute to Dong Nguyen "Flappy Birds" this is Flappy Qambinx from Run Qambinx Run..
  • Flying Pigs game Flying Pigs A Game where pigs have taken us up on our verbal satire.
  • Flappy Heli game Flappy Heli Control the helicopter againts the builds!!!
  • Crazy Bird game Crazy Bird WARNING: THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVE. Fly, go fast : Make the best score. Regular updates‏
  • too much farting boy game too much farting boy fart your way past giant rock walls in the flappy bird parody
  • Fluffy Bird game Fluffy Bird Enter the amazingly fun challenge of the Fluffy Bird and help him fly away to the sunny lands. This wacky creature is super clumsy and you need to hel...
  • Floppy Zombie game Floppy Zombie Play this ultimate challenge of the year and discover your flappy skills before it is too late. Stay focused and enjoy a zombie game in high definitio...
  • Flappy Dora game Flappy Dora Help Dora pilot the airplane avoid the balloons and fly as far as possible.
  • Space Rocket game Space Rocket Go on adventure in space. Control your space rocket and get some amazing score. But its not an easy task.

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