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  • Cornelius Feast game Cornelius Feast Cornelius the chameleon has just found a great area in the jungle where there are lots of flies. He's got to eat as many flies as possible but should...
  • 60 Second Shootout game 60 Second Shootout Launch as many water balloons as you can in this fast paced game!
  • 60 Seconds to Heaven or Hell game 60 Seconds to Heaven or Hell You have 60 to get to Heaven or Hell! Collect and avoid items for a high score!
  • 60 seconds Burger Run game 60 seconds Burger Run Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Your favorite burger restaurant is closing in 60 seconds, so hurry up! Get that corpulent duder through this lovely but also very challenging platform...
  • Hammertime in 60 seconds game Hammertime in 60 seconds Stop! Hammertime! Get McHammer through funny levels and gather as much points as possible withing 60 seconds!
  • Ultimate Hammer Mania game Ultimate Hammer Mania Hit those chickens with a hammer and try to unlock as many powerups as possible in 60 seconds.
  • Buzz Off game Buzz Off You're the bee and you've got 60 seconds to score as many points as you can! You score points while you're holding onto the flower, but lookout for th...

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