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  • Sudoku Solver game Sudoku Solver Sudoku solver is a traditional sudoku game and a tool to solve sudoku’s, try solving AI escargot the most difficult sudoku in the world.
  • gnomes game gnomes How many Gnomes can you save?
  • Wild West Reaction 2 game Wild West Reaction 2 One and two player reaction shooter. Wild West Reaction 2, will record your average reaction time in single player and in the challenge mode, when you...
  • Wild West Reaction game Wild West Reaction You have to challenge the local city's gunslinger, your reaction times can be saved when you outdraw Abe in Central Ridge.
  • Buyout game Buyout Buyout is a business game! Buy companies, upgrade them and make your opponent pay! There are a total of 30 companies on the board.

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  • QuickDraw game QuickDraw A shooting game where you have to shoot the people you are deuling to survive.
  • Rancher game Rancher Welcome to the wild wild west! Pull out your revolver and be the fastest shooter in the west!
  • Jem Match Christmas game Jem Match Christmas Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Match the jems and gain points. How much can you get?
  • Remove Them Christmas 2 game Remove Them Christmas 2 Rated 3/5 based on 4 user ratings Match the pieces and try to remove them all. Upload you score to the world and challenge your friends on Facebook/twitter...
  • Letter RIP game Letter RIP Letter RIP is an intense wild west word shootout! You are Sheriff Wordsmith, tasked with eliminating 10 notorious bad word gangs that have been terror...
  • Druid Wars game Druid Wars Every battle starts with some time for you to store power of 8 runes by matching lines of at least 3 identical runes. And you should hurry, as after a...
  • Plexago game Plexago Rated 5/5 based on 2 user ratings Plexgao is a game of mind. A simple turn based puzzle game in which you build shapes, jump enemies, and fight for board control. Play against the 5 di...
  • Quick Draw Rangers game Quick Draw Rangers Play as a wild west ranger, fighting three gangs to help the down. Also have fun with some pretty cool bonuses at the end of normal and hard.

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