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  • Zac Efron Make Up game Zac Efron Make Up Rated 5/5 based on 1 user ratings Put some make up on Zac Efron and also give him some suggestions on what to wear.
  • Zac Efron Dress Up game Zac Efron Dress Up In this dress-up game, we have the allready famous young actor wich plays in Charlie St. Cloud movie as Zac Efron. This time you have to choose an out...
  • HSM 3 Differences game HSM 3 Differences
  • Colorea Zanessa game Colorea Zanessa Zac and Vanessa are the perfect couple. Now you can make a color-in picture of this couple.
  • zacky efron condomgate game zacky efron condomgate Zacky Efron made a mega mistake when trying to hand something to his publicist. What looked like a condom fell out of his pocket and onto the red carp...
  • Zac Efron Puzzle game Zac Efron Puzzle zac efron puzzle, drag and drop the pieces to complete the puzzle.

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