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  • EURO FINAL Spain Vs Italy game EURO FINAL Spain Vs Italy 335 a simple but addicting EURO 3 on 3 soccer game, play as Spain or Italy
  • soccer euphoria game soccer euphoria 99 A simple but genuine soccer skill game. Kick the ball once, let it reach the goal before time run out. Prove yourself by mastered all 16 champions. do...
  • hurt bieber ragdoll 2 game hurt bieber ragdoll 2 50 After playing Hurt Ragdoll Bieber, most people want more gore and challenge. Now here its the sequel of most awaited torturing game ever,fulfill your...
  • ringo the lizard game ringo the lizard 36 a cool running game, features Ringo the lizard. Run your way avoid giant Snake and go as far as possible!
  • pervert granpa attack game pervert granpa attack 22 an addicting funny game, blast your way using your weapon, do special attack,fight the boss, get bigger weapon in this totally funny games
  • smiley galactica game smiley galactica 8 Smiley shooter game with lot of upgrade, smiley forever!
  • Rotate Bot Puzzle game Rotate Bot Puzzle 6 a puzzle game, move the robot to reach the exit portal, by touch the blinking panel or using blinking plate player can rotate the world, enjoy
  • twin botz game twin botz 6 an addicting shooting game, defend your bace from the aliens invading, use lazer cannon when available and get the highest score
  • Emoticon defense game Emoticon defense 6 an innovative TD game, combination of defense and dress up game, btw this game developed by the maker of success game Mushroom Revolution, yoooooo....
  • Touch The Core 3 game Touch The Core 3 5 Touch the core is the most popular mouse avoider game in Newgrounds. Now its came with the third sequel. This game is the combination of mouse avoider...
  • cheery dragon tribe protector game cheery dragon tribe protector 4 An addicting simple game, protect your tribe, dont let the enemies approach your village. upgrade and use laser if available.
  • type relax game type relax 4 an unique and addicting typing game, make a combo to get a highest score, Enjoy!
  • sound of gravity 3 game sound of gravity 3 4 an addicting puzzle game about gravity, this is the third installment of sound of gravity series
  • Armored Ashura game Armored Ashura 2 a horizontal side scrolling shooting game, with an unique boss and wide special weapon, this game has variety weapon, each has its own characteristic...

Tags: typing 181, justin 25, soccer 400, ragdoll 77, box2d 241, robot 400, euro 36, twin 90, lizard 27, bot 33

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