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robotJAM developed 13 games, played 109 times.

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  • Sniper Year One game Sniper Year One 22 Take on the role of the ultimate sniper in this slick sniping game with 12 levels.
  • Burger Jam game Burger Jam 15 A burger van game by robotJAM and Vaisaga project, serve customers as quickly as possible over 5 levels of this flash cooking game.
  • Synapsis 2 game Synapsis 2 15 Part 2 of the mind bending adventure game, David Carter is again trapped in a series of bizare rooms which he will need to find some way of escape fro...
  • Kebab Van game Kebab Van 11 A kebab Van simulation game. You run the local kebab shop, its your job to keep the locals happy with their kebabs.
  • Synapsis game Synapsis 11 Take on the role of Mr Carter in a complete mind bending visual rollercoaster of a game.
  • Sniper Year 2 game Sniper Year 2 11 Part two of this tactical puzzle sniper game by robotJAM. Complete 12 sniper missions for the organization you work for. Read the briefings carefully...
  • Aliens Must Die The Jupiter Wars game Aliens Must Die The Jupiter Wars 7 Coding by Longanimals, Artwork by robotJAM Take control of the last starship and defeat endless rounds of alien bad guys, helped out by your co pilot...
  • Gone to the dogs game Gone to the dogs 5 Your task in this fun online game is to bet on races and train your own race dog. You are a dog trainer just starting out in the racing world.
  • The Bubble King game The Bubble King 5 Help the bubble king blow the largest bubble gum bubbles on his bouncing hopper.
  • Flying Platypus game Flying Platypus 3 Help the flying platypus achieve his best ever jump into orbit.
  • RoboPogo game RoboPogo 3 A robot Pogoing game
  • blobuloids game blobuloids 1 A small game featuring the blobuloids, you have to feed them the correct food when they are hungry. As a side note the blobs actually live in the step...
  • The Game Called Bob The Game Called Bob a bubble bursting panda in a game called bob which is similar to the game PANG

Tags: sniper 181, rpg 361, burger 112, serving 201, flying 424, dog 364, king 267, feeding 82, van 31, blob 62

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