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  • Green Dude Escape game Green Dude Escape 227 Escape the room by collecting the items and using them wisely. There is also a green stickman living in the room
  • Disco Cannon game Disco Cannon 96 Cannon type of physics-based game where you will need to get the music playing by shooting vinyls at DJ. Have fun
  • Zombies for Soup game Zombies for Soup 36 Make delicious zombie soup by solving the puzzles and then chopping the heads off and rolling them to the pot.
  • Hidden Ghosts game Hidden Ghosts 25 Ghosts are everywhere! Hunt down all the 12 ghosts hidden in this nice city scene! Good luck
  • Catch The Rats game Catch The Rats 19 This is a mix of point and click and room escape game. To complete the game you must get rid of 10 rats! Find them and send them away!
  • Feed Me Brains Human game Feed Me Brains Human 17 Collect all the brains in each level shooting out the ragdoll aliens from your trusty cannon.
  • Hidden Signs game Hidden Signs 11 Find all the hidden signs hiding in this one scene! There are 25 signs total from your everyday life!
  • Bad Kids Homework game Bad Kids Homework 8 Physics-based removal game. Earn more allowance each week as you try to complete all the 28 levels (4 weeks).
  • Green Physics 3 game Green Physics 3 7 Third version of the popular golf-themed physics-based game where you will have to solve the puzzles to get the ball to the hole.
  • Online Planking Game Online Planking Game 6 Throw items at the plankers to bring them down from their planking positions.
  • Rich Piggy game Rich Piggy 4 Remove the platforms and other objects to make the way for the coin. Collect all 20 coins to complete the game!
  • Physics Cup 3 game Physics Cup 3 3 Guide the ball to the goal by solving physics puzzles.
  • Catch The Rats 2 game Catch The Rats 2 3 The rats found a new home, unfortunately it is yours. Get rid of them! 10 total!
  • Physics Cup game Physics Cup 3 Fun physics-based removal game where you will have to face 32 football teams who participated in the World Cup 2010. Good luck!

Tags: golf 132, cannon 271, disco 45, piggy 26, pointandclick 400, coin 226, soccer 400, box2d 242, human 40, catching 262

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