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richthepanda developed 13 games, played 213 times.

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  • Nosferatu Beckoning game Nosferatu Beckoning 112 A text-based RPG in which, instead of throwing dice to determine option sets and outcomes, the player draws cards from the tarot.
  • Hold em game Hold em 41 A tongue-in-cheek version of Texas Hold-'Em in which you play against computer generated opponents. The opponents are blind to all cards except their...
  • Thugs Bowmen game Thugs Bowmen 21 A game of logic based on the rules of Roshambo and in the same strain as Mastermind.
  • Vowel Movement game Vowel Movement 7 A combinatorial optimisation game in the same family as Master Mind, Bulls&Cows and Thugs&Bowmen. Test your logic and deduction skills by challenging...
  • Sliding Tiles game Sliding Tiles 6 The classic tile-sliding puzzle featuring several variants including some with tiles fixed to the board and a "Clean Slate" mode in which the tiles ar...
  • Bulls Cows game Bulls Cows 6 The old, classic game of logic and deduction upon which Master Mind is most probably based!
  • Beyond the Penumbra game Beyond the Penumbra 6 A mining colony on one of Jupiter’s natural satellites needs your rocket-maneuvering skills in this moon-lander-style action game.
  • Semantic Tank Antics game Semantic Tank Antics 4 Pilot the semantic-tank to retrieve the scattered letters of the words removed from the quotations.
  • Spanish Verb Invasion game Spanish Verb Invasion 3 I thought I'd share this silly little flash-card game that I made to help me remember my Spanish verb tenses.
  • Chessman Sliding game Chessman Sliding 3 A more difficult variant of the classic tile-sliding puzzle.
  • RTP Sudoku game RTP Sudoku 2 Have some fun with Sudoku! Also included is a solver, so if you're stuck with a puzzle, just enter it in and let the computer solve it for you!
  • Rise and Fall game Rise and Fall 1 A game of logic, deduction and four-letter words.
  • Poker Square-Off game Poker Square-Off 1 Play Poker Squares against the computer!

Tags: math 460, sudoku 112, chess 83, mind 294, poker 152, tile 262, falling 407, rock 215, paper 107, spanish 32

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