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  • Wait 4 Me game Wait 4 Me 10 The final flight is within your reach. Run as fast as you can and avoid incoming meteors. Collect as many relief goods as possible.
  • FARToRY game FARToRY 10 Farting has never been so much fun! Fill up the gas chamber with hydrogen from your body.
  • Paper Warfare game Paper Warfare 9 The planet earth is under attack. Fortunately, we have these advance battle suit to fight back. Engage and destroy incoming alien transports and shutd...
  • Phlegm Thrower game Phlegm Thrower 9 Challenge the law of gravity in this fun,addicting and score-based game of phlegm throwing.
  • Motorcycle Dummy game Motorcycle Dummy 8 Fast paced/Dodging/racing/highscore-based game rolled into one.
  • AERIAL AVENGER game AERIAL AVENGER 6 A shooting game enclosed in a jet adventure which depicts the story of pilot who's in search for the brain of her colleague's destruction.
  • Heavy Pawnage game Heavy Pawnage 6 Scour the land for destructible items such as crates and road cones for valuable resources (ammo, health pack and gold). Manage your resources and fig...
  • BOOGER SHOOTER game BOOGER SHOOTER 5 Practice your marksmanship skills in a very unusual way.
  • AAYSUS VIRUS game AAYSUS VIRUS 4 Protect your motherboard from being destroyed by AAYSUS VIRUS in this pseudo-pixel art and 80's style inspired video game. Your precious motherboard i...
  • ACNE PANIC game ACNE PANIC 4 Eradicate these irritating pimples using ALIS TIGYAWAT ointment. Apply the ointment on all acnes and prevent them on growing. Protect your patient's f...
  • ACNE PANIC 2 game ACNE PANIC 2 3 The sequel to the award winning pimple game "ACNE PANIC".(",)
  • Dance with Obama game Dance with Obama Take dancing to a whole new level. Lets dance with the president.

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