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doobster developed 12 games, played 290 times.

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  • Bumper Stumpers game Bumper Stumpers 107 A car game we've all played. Your driving down the road and someone has a custom plate, what does it stand for? Start guessing now!
  • Jewel Breaking game Jewel Breaking 47 Click a jewel to remove the same type of jewel attached to it.
  • Street Racing game Street Racing 36 Fun race car game
  • Food For Thought game Food For Thought 18 Classic word search where you need to find your favorite foods! Click and drag the letters to select the corresponding word. Earn more points by selec...
  • Smile Popping game Smile Popping 16 Click a smiley face to clear all attached. Do it quickly before the time runs out.
  • Paddle Pong game Paddle Pong 15 How long can you keep the ball in the air?
  • Balloon Popping game Balloon Popping 15 Click on a balloon to pop all of the attached ones. Do it fast before the timer runs out.
  • Catch Me If You Can game Catch Me If You Can 14 Don't get caught, keep your mouse moving at all times and try to avoid being caught.
  • Jewel Swap game Jewel Swap 10 Swap out jems until there are no moves left.
  • Wizard Word Search game Wizard Word Search 7 Fun word search related to everything in the wizarding world.
  • N-Puzzle game N-Puzzle 3 N-Puzzle is known in a various versions, such as 8-Puzzle, 15-Puzzle, etc. The concept of the game is to move the puzzle pieces one at a time and put...
  • A Mazing Race game A Mazing Race 2 Beat the computer to the end of the maze.

Tags: bejeweled 208, pacman 55, seek 79, brick 232, maze 484, jewel 187, tile 262, breaking 211, swap 129, man 311

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