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  • Sea Battle game Sea Battle 49 Use your battleship to destroy all enemies.
  • Mouse and cheese game Mouse and cheese 35 Push the cheese to the mouse hole. Do this in possibly low amount of moves. There is 50 levels in the game.
  • Arctic Scrambled Eggs game Arctic Scrambled Eggs 32 You are the penguin that need to destroy all enemies using just the blowing eggs. Those enemies are animals that can even chase you or go through the...
  • Sad eye Fred game Sad eye Fred 29 Try to make Fred happy. Click on selected parts of his body as fast as you can.
  • 9 planets game 9 planets 25 You are a squirrel and would like to became a master of the universe. This is a game about space exploration, space wars and domination.
  • Samotnik game Samotnik 15 Drag and drop yellow balls on empty space. Try to remove from stage as many balls as possible and do this fast to get more points. When you will notic...
  • History Lesson for Obama game History Lesson for Obama 13 Teach Mr. Obama that there are not Polish Death Camps. There are The Nazi Death Camps.
  • Hexagon of Worms game Hexagon of Worms 11 Replace all the hexagons on the board with one and the same element. You must do this in a limited number of moves! There is 18 levels of difficulty....
  • Prehistoric Tetris game Prehistoric Tetris 11 In this Prehistoric version of Tetris are 25 levels of difficulty - higher levels has some blocks already placed on the stage.
  • Crazy Frog 2 game Crazy Frog 2 10 Try to get your frog as far as it possible. Avoid every fish and collect dragonflies.
  • RC Cars game RC Cars 9 Collect as many dots as possible while moving cars. The thing is that you must drive more and more cars with just one keyboard on the next levels and...
  • Speedway 2005 game Speedway 2005 9 This is a speedway race. Four motorbikes, four drivers, one track. There is also posibility to play with three other players simultanously on local ma...
  • BubbleLand game BubbleLand 9 You are a little teddy bear. Remove all bubbles from BubbleLand. Use the arrow with rope and hit the bubbles with them to split single bubble or remov...
  • Tractor Rally game Tractor Rally 8 Single tractor - no reverse gear - three laps.
  • Bowman game Bowman 7 This is an archery competition Try to shot at the center of the target. There is couple levels.
  • Memorable Drums game Memorable Drums 6 Remember sounds order and repeat it by clicking on the correct drums.
  • Death RC game Death RC 5 Try to destroy all enemies. Upgrade your remote control vehicle and your weapon.
  • Snow Battle game Snow Battle 5 Children always love to throw a snow balls. Became one of them and be the best. There is couple levels of difficulty.
  • Painted Eggs game Painted Eggs 4 Remember the pattern and then paint the eggs with the same colors.
  • Frog in trouble game Frog in trouble 3 Try to get your frog safety on the top of the stage. Avoid any things like: cars, water, oil, trains, etc.
  • Fireman Day game Fireman Day 2 This is first day in new job as a fireman. You must put out all 16 fires.
  • Vegetarian Snake game Vegetarian Snake 2 This is vegetarian snake. Eat fruits and especially cherries. Avoid any kind of meat.
  • Lunar Race game Lunar Race 1 Steer your spaceship and destroy all enemies. There are 15 levels of difficulty.
  • Juggling Girl game Juggling Girl Try to return as many balls as you can. Avoid the red onces! Other colors will give you an extra life or points.

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