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  • Pipline Master game Pipline Master 92 Solve the pipeline. Click on pipe parts in order to make the path for a water flow. After you done, or at least you think you are, click main vent and...
  • SuperGarage game SuperGarage 30 SuperGarage is a fun game where you need to re-arrange the cars to let your Ferrari exit the garage.
  • Cat and Dog game Cat and Dog 27 Cat and Dog are good friends. They decided to go outside to have some fun. In the way, they can collect candies to earn points, but at the same time t...
  • FastClickOrder v3 game FastClickOrder v3 22 This is a simple solitaire type card game.
  • Soccer Bounce game Soccer Bounce 12 See how much times you can make players of soccer to bounce the ball.
  • Hit the Monkey game Hit the Monkey 12 Hit the monkey as much as you can before the game time ends.
  • Rabbit Labrynth game Rabbit Labrynth 10 Finish the labrynth before enemy does.
  • Grab the Crocodile game Grab the Crocodile 9 Help the little ball to get the crocodille, avoid the other enemies balls.
  • MatchColors game MatchColors 8 It's time to play a challenging game. MatchColors is a game where you need to solve an very cool puzzle. An excelent game for kids!
  • Camel Lifter game Camel Lifter 8 See how many times you can grab the camel in 60 seconds
  • KidsTyping game KidsTyping 8 Kids Typing is a game to teach kids what are the letters of alphabet.
  • Grab the Zebra game Grab the Zebra 8 Help the little ball to get the zebra, avoid the other enemies balls.
  • Grab the Camel game Grab the Camel 7 Help the little ball to get the camel, avoid the other enemies balls.
  • Frog Adventures game Frog Adventures 6 Click on a lotus leaf to make the frog jump to that leaf. The previous leaf will then disappear. Continue jumping one by one, until there are no leave...
  • AlciDefense game AlciDefense 6 Defend the base of alci as much as you can, achieve the maximum score!
  • KidsRacing game KidsRacing 5 Try to stay on track as much as you can before fuels goes out.
  • Bounce the Ball game Bounce the Ball 5 How many times you can make this ball bounce without drops?
  • Lion Lifter game Lion Lifter 4 See how many times you can grab the lion in 60 seconds
  • War at Taurus game War at Taurus 4 Taurus is at War, it is your duty to defend the last remaning galaxy on the universe.
  • FastClickOrder game FastClickOrder 4 Try to destroy the numbers in the correct order and archive the maximum score.
  • Falling Ball Game Falling Ball Game 3 Move the left or right arrows to give some speed to the ball, avoid hitting the spikes at the top, avoid falling into the abyss. The longer you live,...
  • GrabEggs game GrabEggs 3 Grab as much eggs as you can. Don't let any drop or you loose.
  • NonePath game NonePath 3 See how much time you can stay at the NonePath alive!
  • Balance the Ball game Balance the Ball 3 Very good game for kids to learn to keep their focus.
  • Easter Path game Easter Path 2 It's Easter Time! Let's distribute some eggs, but following the right path : ).
  • HappyMonkey game HappyMonkey 2 You are HappyMonkey that just want to eat as much bananas as possible. Help him, and avoid the green bananas otherwise you finished!
  • Zebra Lifter game Zebra Lifter 1 See how many times you can grab the zebra in 60 seconds
  • Scooter Ride game Scooter Ride 1 Take a ride downtown, but avoid the obstacles on your way. Control the scooter with the mouse. Get to the finish line as fast as you can.
  • Beat the Space game Beat the Space Are you ready to beat the space? You can try! The aliens are trying to send you a message, but. can you decrypt to understand?

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