Akhkharu games

Akhkharu developed 5 games, played 40 times.

  • Fish game Fish 17 Take on the role as the retired fisherman and go fish for fun in 8 different locations. Catch pike, bass and roach. If your good at it you might even...
  • Athletics game Athletics 14 Track and field athletics. Long jump, High jump, 100 metres, Hurdles and Javelin throw. All in one game.
  • Carneval popper game Carneval popper 3 Start a chainreaction and get your ball to pop other balls. But you only have one click.
  • Bow game Bow 3 As the white knight you must use your awsome bow to defend your castle against the evil black knights.
  • Space Balls game Space Balls 3 Pilot your spaceship in this 3D flightsim. Collect balls, watch out for enemies and complete each level as fast as possible to get maximum score in th...

Tags: pike 13, clicking 469, flying 428, bass 13, boat 147, popper 34, track 105, long 161, fisherman 15, athletics 10

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