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velgajski1 developed 13 games, played 96 times.

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  • Bloody Sunset game Bloody Sunset 50 Joey stole a golden skull. Now he’s fighting off 25 waves of zombies in a cabin by the cemetery. Can Joey survive?
  • Happy Jungle game Happy Jungle 11 Colorful matching puzzle game with jungle animals theme.
  • Banana Splitter game Banana Splitter 6 Split those damned bananas in million pieces! You are a very angry and very sharp leaf. In fact, you are so angry you can even shoot at the bananas. G...
  • Colorbounce game Colorbounce 6 Bring colors back to world!
  • GrabOMania game GrabOMania 5 Only in this game can you uncover Giraffe Constellation, visit Murky Clouds or see the elusive Duckclops. )
  • Pogoleg Pirates game Pogoleg Pirates 4 Managerial game in which you take role of pogoleg pirate races manager. Train your pirate in bar, buy items in black market, bet to earn extra cash in...
  • Spinmatch 2 game Spinmatch 2 3 Unique test of your multitasking/reflexes/time management skills. Enjoy the spin!
  • Neverending Rampage game Neverending Rampage 3 Got reflexes? Good at shooting games? How long can you survive the neverending rampage? Fight endless stream of monsters, upgrade your ship and earn r...
  • Magicians Wand game Magicians Wand 3 Make the crowd happy and cheerful in this wonderful casual game with ranks, upgrades and achievements. Click and pick kind of game with wonderful grap...
  • A-Mazing-Game A-Mazing-Game 2
  • You cannot survive game You cannot survive 1 Fast paced action shooter with powerups, ranks and upgrades!
  • Yuri The Space Jumper game Yuri The Space Jumper 1 Ranks, achievements, fat astronaut in search for his suit - this game has it all.
  • Colorbounce Competitive game Colorbounce Competitive 1 Its time to color the worlds again in competitive, high-score driven version of popular Colorbounce game!

Tags: wand 8, colorful 425, happy 401, ship 337, jungle 216, weapon 236, golden 71, survival 206, bloody 117, survive 96

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